MyTra Special – Director Naga Explores Hinduism – What is in a Name?

Mystic Traditions Team has moved into the realm of History and its travels as in the case of Hinduism.   Once when we visited Poompuhar looking for idols, we were enamored with the sculpted beauties and appreciating the intricate works of the artisan in a fierce looking Durga idol, a lady next to me could not contain her curiosity. She asked me about my interest in picking up such an idol when many other pleasant looking idols were around.  True to her statement, the showroom was filled with Dancing Nataraja, beautifully etched Narayana idols, six faced Subramania swamy and innumerable forms of Ganesha . We could even spot school going Ganesha, swinging one and also many forms that we could relate to our daily life.  She picked up one of the Ganesha idols and said she is a collector of his different forms and could not even think of any other form of god.

It set us thinking on the basis of so many forms and their purpose.  Talk about Navratri and we could see so many forms of Shiva, Devi, Ganesha and Muruga , and Narayana, donning the steps in households celebrating the nine days  during  September and October every year.   This video is on Shanmatam, an interesting insight into Hinduism from the viewpoint of history and we will let Director Naga take over the subject from here.  This is our signature series of which this is the first one.  Here is the video –

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