Love Chocolates? Here is to True Chocolaty Experience

Chocolates, the word that can make amends, energize, form relationships, celebrate friendship, and all we need is just a reason to grab one.  Who does not love chocolates?  Chocolates in India started its journey in the form of colorful Gems,  Eclairs and  Nutrine. People in the late 70s and 80s can very well connect to the term chocolate from our times.  Over the three decades, chocolates have undergone a transition and opening of boundaries and we saw emergence of 5 Star, Kit Kat, Dairy Milk, Bournville, Temptations and imported chocolates such as Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone and so many other international brands at our local stores.  The same time, we also saw emergence of Ooty chocolates with the home made tag.


Chocolates we consume have Cacao beans, milk solids, butter, emulsifiers and sugar combined with respective flavoring if any.  It will be interesting to note that more percentage of Cacao beans means darker chocolate and naturally Dark Chocolate means it has lesser milk in it.   Cacao is known as food of the Gods as its capability as an antioxidant is unparalleled.  The origin of Cacao leads us to Africa, Mexico, Central America, Asia and finally South America, home to exotic species of Cacao.  Every region has its unique flavor owing to the climate, soil, rain and sunlight received.

E-commerce has brought in every industry into its worldwide web and it is not surprising to see a place for exotic chocolates from premium brands in it.  PlaceofOrigin is a site for chocolate lovers to try out exotic chocolates from brands such as Mason & Co  of Auroville,  Moddys Ooty Chocolates, EarthLoaf Chocolate, Bean Therapy, Nordic Kandie Magic, Kandee Factory, Sleight Of Hand and this is not the complete list, there are lot more for you to explore based on your interest.



Chocolate lovers looking for vegetarian chocolates can choose the option.  Looking for gluten free option, the site has that too. Vegan or Lactose intolerant or hate nuts, never mind, we have options for this too.  Going organic has become a movement and surprisingly, the site has Organic chocolates too.  Do check out Sugar free chocolates too.

The best part of buying Mason&co chocolates is you can ask for temperature controlled packing to guarantee firmness of chocolate when you receive it.

Few of the interesting chocolates we saw on the site: (% specifies the quantity of Cacao)







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