“Am worried that youngsters are deprived of good books,” says Nalini Chettur

If Anna Centenary Library matters to you So should be this place of a Bibliophile running the shop for 41 years facing the onslaught of technological advancements and dwindling reading habits. All she needs is patronage and the space to keep this going. Lets join hands to keep Giggles Smiling. All details in the post

Kavipriya Moorthy

I am not fond of the word ‘Ma’ and I don’t get close to any elders or my friend’s mom, so I don’t use that term a lot. Unknowingly, the first word I uttered when I met Nalini Chettur was ‘Ma’ and she scooped my heart in a jiffy. I spent two solid hours with her, talking about the bookstore, the Indian publishing industry, her experience with books, and my experience with publishing, and to the recent issue of a girl wearing a knee length dress but commented by the auto driver at Bangalore.
She is versatile, intense, scintillating, high-spirited, determined and passionate. I can just go on and on!
Why Taj did this?” I frowned. “Because they are TAAAJJJJ,” she said and laughed. “But, yes, they have been kind so far. “They don’t charge me a lot. There was a family that flew down…

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