MyTra – Time Extends Memory – Back to the Roots

138261d9f9e9373401ab128eac5010b9Memorizing is one of the key techniques taught to children by parents in our days. Right from multiplication tables, Thirukkural , solutions to simple mathematical problems,  we did everything mentally without touching the paper. Many of my nights had these as my lullaby and quick responses got me a cashew nut as gift.  Every mind has its own way of absorbing things and this subtly nurtured the habit to explore the techniques that best worked for me.  Definitions, formulae, theorems, laws, poems and everything that had to be memorized never had any block as we knew the way our mind can learn and unlearn by the time we reached this stage.  Till the mobile era, phone numbers, account numbers and every aspect of things that we look up or need were memorized.  It is a constant exercise for the mind and a healthy one to memorize and recollect. Just think how we recollect a rainbow and its colors. VIBGYOR is the term and every child can relate to it immediately.

Our video this time is an extension of our last video on time.  For people who have missed out on our last video, please check out our Previous Episode

 Lunar calendar in India has 90 minutes slot everyday assigned to Rahu Kaal, Yama Ganda and Gulika.  Rahu Kaal and Yama Ganda are inauspicious times and it is a common practice for people who believe in it to refer this time before doing any activity.

Here is the video for you so simply narrated by Director Naga so everyone with or without knowledge of Indian system can easily understand.  Do share your opinions and thoughts to help us bring more to you in your interest at  MyTra Exclusive Facebook Group

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