Winter has Arrived in Cafe Coffee Day Outlets with Refreshing Beverages


Summer is in and the search for thirst quenchers and those chill drinks begins.  Café coffee day CCD as it is commonly called has introduced new freezing cold beverages in their outlets under the ‘Winter has arrived’ campaign.  CCD outlets make great place to hang around and we have loved their offerings and their enthusiasm in introducing new products and offers regularly.  The new introductions include two smoothies and two punches. Sitting in a hot summer day and talking about punches and smoothies without having them is not a great deal but still for the benefit of those near the CCD outlets, here are the details –

The first in the list is the Tiramisu Smoothie, snack n drink awesomeness with cheese sauce, blended with cocoa powder and coffee on a bed of sponge cake and topped with cream.  The next is Strawberry Cheese Cake Smoothie, crushed cookies combined with strawberries and cheese cake is wholesome and combines it with a delicious corn spinach sandwich and it can be a ravishing lunch or breakfast.

On the punches side, we have the watermelon combination with Lychee in sparkling water in Watermelon Lychee Punch, trying to figure out the taste and quite difficult because both are overpowering aromatic fruits, certainly an interesting combination from CCD.  The other one is Tangy green apple with cucumber in sparkling water named right as Cool Green Punch and again a combination that is difficult to imagine but nevertheless interesting.

Speaking on the launch of the new range of summer beverages, Bidisha Nagaraj, Group President Marketing, Coffee Day said,

With ‘Winter has arrived’, we plan to make this summer a lot more special for everyone. As café culture pioneers, we love to reverse the rules of the game and keep our menu few refreshing steps ahead. And that’s exactly what the four new and rejuvenating additions of smoothies & punches stand for. We hope to bring in a winter wave this summer with this refreshing and delicious new range of beverages.

 This exhilarating range of frosty beverage treats start from Rs 119/-.  So, let’s take on the summer and say with CCD – Winter has arrived!

About CCD:

Cafe Coffee Day is India’s largest café chain in terms of number of café outlets as of December 31, 2014 (source: Indian Coffee Industry Overview, March 2015, Technopak (“Technopak, March 2015”)) and operates through Coffee Day Global Limited (“CDGL”), a subsidiary of Coffee Day Enterprises Limited. CCD has pioneered the coffee culture in the chained café segment in India (source: Technopak, March 2015) and opened its first café in Bengaluru in 1996. CCD’s menu ranges from a mix of hot and cold coffees and include several food options, desserts and pastries. In addition, CCD brand merchandise and accessories such as coffee mugs, coffee machines, travel mugs, etc. are available at the cafés.


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