MyTra Beckons – Captivating Time with Director Naga in this Episode


Ola ! It is a Friday and we are back with Director Naga’s video.  What we saw in the previous Friday was the intention behind the channel with a story, we are sure you would not have forgotten the Purohit and his intent in asking for the second manaikattai (wooden plank). We were mesmerized as you were in listening to Naga sir narrating it with the mirror subtly playing the visual effects.  For those who have missed the earlier video, check out this post – Director Naga Launches our Online Video Channel Mystic Traditions MyTra

For others in tune with us, we are embarking on the journey of usage and practices we are following today and its significance.  So many things have become a habit that we fail to see the meaning behind it.  This is the reason we lose them in the process too.  To understand this, we have to travel backwards and look at things from their perspective, and believe me, it is an interesting insight.

Talk about time sense, we always wondered how our ancestors kept track of time without clocks and watches but nevertheless they were as regular as clockwork in their schedule.  Every museum has a sun dial  as a time device  used by the people then but then how did they utilize it for calculating time is certainly a question in our minds.  Also, East and West used different concepts of time. Yes, we know India uses lunar calendar while the West follows solar one.  Many parts of India celebrated New Year on April 14 and still it is a common practice to celebrate birthdays based on lunar calendar which is much different than the actual date of birth.

So here we are exploring time from the viewpoint of our ancestors with certain revelations on its usage from our day to day life.  Note that the views expressed are based on Director Naga’s extensive research and study and his inference on the topic.

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