Vegetarian Food Review : Jonah’s Bistro Goes to Japan with Momoyama


Phoenix market city located in Velachery, Chennai plays host to a number of eateries, ice-cream and juice joints in addition to donuts of Krispy Kreme and Momos of WowMomos.  We usually visit Satyam’s ID restaurant for South Indian food ,  Rajdhani Thali restaurant for North Indian food and Kailash Parbat in the food court for chats. This time, we wanted to try out Jonah’s Bistro and surprisingly we saw Jonah’s goes to Japan with Momoyama tag. We have been looking out for trying vegetarian Japanese food and friends had advised us against it. We thought this is the right opportunity to try out and entered the restaurant located at the basement next to Dunkin Donut outlet. Take the escalator as you walk straight if you are entering by foot, if you are coming by car, head to the middle and take the escalator in the right. As you go down the escalator, you can see Jonah’s Bistro.

We got the regular Jonah’s menu and a separate menu for Japanese food. We could not find the momos or sushi that we know and so asked the waiter who explained to us that Kyoza is a dumpling and Maki is sushi.  We ordered a Veg Kyoza and Avocado Maki.   Veg Kyoza left us drooling for more and literally melted in the mouth. The sauces were good but we could have it without it. It was fresh and light, we got 5 pieces in a plate.  We moved to Avocado Maki and we got rice rolled in a leaf which is seaweed (Nori). It was served with a green color paste made into a mount and ginger. We got 8 pieces of it.  Nori smelt sea and raw fish big time and the rice was pasty. Though the size of the each piece was small, it was a struggle tasting it. It turned out to be a Big NO.  We tried out the green mound and it turned out to be pungent and acidic in the mouth. On inquiry, we came to know that it is wasabi, green radish, a specialty of Japan.


The other options hovered around the same in different versions and we decided to quit Japanese food and try out Jonah’s Bistro food. We tried out Veg Augratin and Smoked Chili Rice and it was awesome.


Price hovers around Rs.300 a dish and it is a culinary experience on its won worth the money, except the Sushi, may be non-vegetarians might have enjoyed it. This is our experience as vegetarians.

Jonah's Goes to Japan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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