The Evolved Marketplace Comes to Doorstep with EzeBee

It has been long since we did start wondering that one day, the entire marketplace would stare at our doorstep and we would only be a click away from buying what we desire. However, the whole concept of e-tailing is only not about buying but encompasses a larger perspective on end-to-end product life cycle.

It is no surprise that Chennai, India is home to one of the biggest retail markets in the world. And, it wouldn’t be surprising if the advancement in e-tailing is as phenomenal as it is today. Often, we see a good amount of e-tailing portals going for the kill and announcing bonanzas to customers on all products ranging from apparel to electronics. There are very few websites that are host to aspiring entrepreneurs. Consider the case of This portal is not just one on the internet but is home to a trove of information on how to go about being a successful entrepreneur.

Basically, lets us set up an e-shop; one that has all of our products under one banner. This will help an aspiring entrepreneur establish his or her name in the online marketplace. However, in the ever-growing marketplace, it is a good product along with a good advertising campaign that sets one apart from the rest. And has custom-made programs to help aspiring people set their campaign up and running.


Check out the businesses in Chennai that has setup shop in is built with such versatility that it is almost incomprehensible to fathom how it is that they had actually thought of these. Here are a few instances:

  • Collecting Products – It is fairly equivalent to the cart in most online retailing portals. But consider something that you would like to buy at a later date. It is a very arduous task to keep track of all that one is interested in to buy. To solve this, the buyer can add the product to the personal collection so he might never have to look for it another time.
  • Pin Offers – The goal of is fairly straightforward. It wants to enable people buy what they from wherever they want through their route. Also, it applies to aspiring sellers to sell anything they wish to, through a common platform. To enable this versatility in buying and selling, a pin-it option has been incorporated that allows users to pin offers from different websites that haven’t yet created an account. However, there is a disadvantage as pinned offers get limited response with respect to offers that is directly put in on
  • Import Offers– This feature is for sellers who have created offers in other e-tailing websites but have sought the help of to promote it even further. Users can import the offers they have placed for their products in different websites and can make us of to make users avail the offer.

With such versatility packed into a single portal making buying and selling so very intriguing, we are sure is here to stay and will be a front-runner in e-tailing innovation for the days to come.

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