Director Naga Launches our Online Video Channel Mystic Traditions MyTra


Director Naga and Writer K.Vivekshankar

We are happy to announce the launch of our new YouTube Channel Mystic Traditions MyTra  by Director Naga.  To professionals with expertise in their domain, scaling to an online channel is not easy both in terms of emotional and mental makeup and technical parameters. When we talk about Vlogging, it is another domain and the intention of it must be made clear. We chose to keep this Channel in English to reach more people and we will soon launch a Tamil version too.

Mystic Traditions will see the team travel to different dimensions of the innumerable wealth of ancient wisdom, traditions, culture, art, architecture and every topic we would associate with our ancestors and their amazing knowledge.  Times have changed and many facts and details of our own tradition and culture is lost or rephrased and has moved far away from reality, the original idea with which it was framed.  This attempt is a sojourn in search of the roots behind our practices, traditions, spirituality, spaces and this does not end with India alone.  We have seen historic proof of our culture in Indonesia, Australia and other continents and countries.  We plan to explore those too but the work starts from our home, India.

Our experiment begins with this – What does it take to present professional videos with researched content to people online?  Will people who have seen us in television and theatre find this format acceptable? Will we be able to run a web series in lines of Marmadesam in the channel?  Can we bring in more interesting programs in the channel with our people participating in it?  These are only part of questions in our mind as we bring this channel to you.  The answer lies in how you, businesses and brands support us in this venture. As always, we love interactions.

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  1. I was spellbound by the narration.

  2. This seems to be quite interesting channel. Eager to know what’s all in store for us. 🙂

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