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branding-11The business landscape in India is home to an ever-expanding gamut of opportunities for placement agencies to cater to the business empire in the country. Of all those who are in the race, there are notably a few consultants that stand out of the crowd. Simply Hire Resources (I) Pvt Ltd, or SHRI, as it is called by the industry grapevine, has since 2008 set a benchmark for itself and to the industry with regards to recruitment and training across varied business segments. SHRI has credited itself with techniques apt for hiring and training, and of excellent service delivery in the recent years that has resulted in numerous awards and accolades being conferred on them.

 The company boasts itself of numerous tailor-made life skill programs for imparting training to students and corporate employees that are primarily based on holistic learning methodologies. However, they have made further strides in tie-ups with corporate houses, schools and colleges that have made them a household name in the industry. SHRI, upon inception in 2008, kicked off with staffing solutions but went on to incorporate training solutions to their portfolio in 2010. This move made them a strong contender in life skill training amongst industry leaders. However, life skill programs differ for people in each stage of life and are aptly named Arise for schools, Akme and Fastrack for the college goers and Ace for corporate employees.

About Arise, it is a comprehensive school program that focuses on co-scholastic requirements of a student. The program has been designed to provide value-based education, life skills, soft skills and academic skills that enhance the learning abilities of children while equipping them to handle real life situations. Furthermore, they extend their support by providing comprehensive counseling sessions to those that are in need.

For the college goers, it is imperative they learn the art of a smooth transition from being a playful and carefree student to being a responsible adult and a career person. Acme and Fastrack focus entirely on giving the students a sense of how important “Brand Me” is to them and to their prospective employers. These programs test the skills of the students in handling real life situations that present themselves in the corporate atmosphere, thereby testing their aptitude as a whole.

Ace is SHRI’s flagship program that forces corporate entities to use their services so their employees will be well equipped to bring about a transformation among employees thereby enhancing productivity over a period of time.

To add more feathers to their cap, SHRI is a responsible organization that takes its CSR rather seriously. They are conducting Public Awareness Campaigns, Road Safety Campaigns and Civic Awareness Programs to name a few.

 A list of accolades SHRI has been conferred in the recent days is as below:

SHRI has been awarded for its “Innovation in Training Programs by KSMBOA”, an association of SME business owners.

SHRI was one of the finalists among 19000 aspirants in the all India competition held by Economic Times in association with CIIE and Department of Science and Technology.(ET Power of Ideas, 2015)

Recently, SHRI has won the “Future of India award, 2016” organized by 1000 Petals in association with CNBC. Also, the company’s Chief Executive Mrs. Rashmi Praveen has won the “Woman Entrepreneur of the year” award for the year 2016.

 As we all are probably aware, every organization has a backbone so strong it comprises a team of committed individuals who are always keen to walk the extra mile to accomplish what they set out to. One such crown jewel is Mrs. Farida Rizwan, the company’s Head of R&D, who is by profession a Counselor and Psychotherapist. She is the reason behind SHRI’s success in creating all life skill programs offered by them. Being a tech savvy person herself, she is the winner of several blogging contests and has been recognized for her work by NGOs like RT90, Indian Society of Health Administration, Sahaya Hastha to name a few. Furthermore, she is a published writer with articles by and about her being featured in newspapers like Asian Age, Times of India, The New Indian Express and the like. Her blogs can be accessed through her post at http://www.chaptersfrommylife.com with more than 2 million visits. For all those who need a peek into what SHRI is all about, we suggest you to get going to their website http://shrindia.com/.

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