Early Detection and Intervention- Autism Countered Better

Every child is the apple of his or her parents’ eyes and their hope of achieving heights they had aspired to reach. At least they hope to assume so. It bodes ill to some parents who have to wake up to the fact that their child is battling autism. However, it is increasingly prevalent among children these days as the stress of today’s parents are forcing major psychological disturbances among their offshoots. However, all is not lost for them. According to Dr. Nandini Mundkur, city pediatrician, it is a fighting chance for those parents who make that extra effort to identify their kid’s condition when it is still nascent.

Early detection and intervention can always lead to a constructive approach towards bringing an autistic child to normalcy. Age-wise development is a key indicator of early detection among children below 18 months. Dr. Nandini Mundkur, courtesy her vast experience and knowledge, has created a blog post Tots Guide which aims to cater to the vision of assisting young parents with helping their children attain a better future.

Final Poster

Track and Act is an online program that helps track and mark the milestones of their children. Parents can seek medical assistance if their children seem to score low on any of the parameters mentioned. All said and done, these tools are sometimes thought of as inciting panic among parents. But senior pediatrician Dr. Shekar Subbiah begs to differ.  He, along with Dr. Uday Bodhankar, International President for Commonwealth Association for Health & Disability in the UK gives strong credentials to the program. Dr. Bodhankar agrees Developmental Screening is a very effective tool and that he feels it is imperative to assess the development of vital signs and characteristics of children at specific intervals.

In addition to the Track and Act program, The Classic Program is an effective tool in gauging the child’s current level of functioning. Any shortcomings will have to be counteracted with an extensive home-based intervention program that helps immensely in addressing social, functional, emotional, communication and sensory needs.

It is the credible opinion of the convener Dr. Nandini Mundkur that if parents are keen enough to identify their children’s developmental backlogs earlier; autism should easily be a condition that can very soon be eradicated. Her blog and the Tract and Act program have gained immense popularity and should be an eye opener for a bright future for our kids.

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