Chennaifocus Associates with Director Naga to Launch YouTube Channel “Mystic Traditions”

Chennaifocus Associates with Director Naga to Launch YouTube Channel “Mystic Traditions”

Mystic Traditions (MyTra) is the new initiative of Chennai Focus into the domain of video logging in other words Vlogging.   This product has come into being to satisfy our constant pursuit in bringing the power of professional videos to communicate and also use it effectively to explore the nuances and mysticism behind our culture and traditions, practices, and intentions behind it. It is a culmination of Experiment, Experience and Beliefs traversing the length and breadth of Science, Architecture, Ancient Wisdom, Archaeology and the list is endless. Such an attempt needs expertise and knowledge in the subject and also in scripting and film making and who else can it be than Director Naga to spearhead this initiative and take it to places we never had been with the right understanding.  Every initiative needs a catalyst to make it happen and we are happy to announce that Playwright  and Scriptwriter K.Vivekshankar has also joined us in providing multidimensional facet to our channel to explore more areas of application as we move forward. We thank him for his efforts in being instrumental in making our tiny thought into reality by doing all the ground work and taking over the administration and operations of our New YouTube channel MyTra.


Naga sir is a man of excellence, an amazing director and we are happy to be pioneering this effort with him. People know him through the evergreen Tamil serials – Marma Desam, Vidadhu Karuppu,  Chidambara Rahasyam, Rudra Veenai, Ramani vs Ramani and the sweet and enthralling Tamil Movie ‘Anandhapurathu Veedu’.

To know a little about his creativity, if you have watched this movie, the significant eye catcher is the beautiful swimming pool holding nature in its lap, and the fact is this pool was created for the movie!   Chidambara Rahasyam has astonishing Origami in the title and every episode had a new one.  It is the “handiwork” of Naga Sir and we would be inviting him to do such videos for our channel.  The beauty about this man is his capability to explore any subject in-depth when we mention it casually.  We are greatly privileged to bring him to the best of his creativity in our new YouTube Channel Mytra.

On this initiative, Naga sir says

History is for the humans to not repeat their mistakes of the past.  Nevertheless, there is always a war raging somewhere, a despot violates human rights and some country is slipping into political or economic chaos every day.  This is due to the human mind’s obsession to being a slave to blind beliefs in the name of tradition.  Beliefs come from practices having lost their contexts.  We will revisit these contexts of our practices, customs and traditions in Mystic Traditions (MyTra) Channel.


Vivek Sir has script as a part of his name and is a noted playwright and script/screen writer.  He comes from Director K.Balachander’s ‘MinBimbangal’ and worked along Naga sir and has scripted the popular serials Veetuku Veedu Looty, Engirundho Vandhal among many others.

On this initiative, Vivek sir says

With my good friend Director Naga on board with his premiere web series, we at Mytra will explore further and bring to you theater plays, micro films, travel and food shows, and interactive programs in due course.  We also propose to conduct offline programs alongside our Online channel MyTra for which announcements will be made through the channel and Chennai Focus blog from time to time.  We will strive to provide the best viewing experience to the visitors of our channel.

Naga sir’s exclusive series will be up every Friday beginning April 8, 2016. We are also starting different genre of series every day of the week and would be coming out with its announcement very soon.

For enquiries, mail us at

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  1. Wow, excellent initiative. I am looking forward to learn more about our traditions and the purpose behind them, etc. I think we ought to revive those traditions that are good.

    Destination Infinity
    PS: Please let me know when the first video is up in the channel, I will write a blog post reviewing it.

    • Aww! Thanks a lot Rajesh. Every video is released with a blog post so you just cannot miss it at all.
      Thanks for offering a review, we are super excited to get onto it – April 8th is our launch.


  2. Its a very good initiative I should say. This is a very good page.

    The Solitary Writer

  3. Viswanathan ramesh.

    All the best. Have a general idea .how you go about it?what is expected of us?or in what way we can help out in this venture?.

  4. A great initiative, wishes for a successful launch….

  5. very nice to u start a useful youtube sir, ur venture will get success to both u and viveks sir also.

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