Viveks Bonanza for its Customers – Huge Warehouse Sale for 3 days


Viveks, yes our own Viveks India is holding a Warehouse sale on 25th, 26th and 27th March2016. It was amazing to see a huge display of televisions, Airconditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, fans, coolers, mixies, grinders, laptops, mobiles and you name it and it is there – latest and at an unbelievable price. This is no simple advertorial since we ourselves checked out various prices and was amazed at what was offered to us in the latest Television and washing machine since we are buying it ourselves.

Chennai people, this is not a second sale or old stock or damaged items left over from the flood. In fact all the damaged items have been removed and fresh stock has come in. The sale has latest introduced products and Price discounts are seen even in them. And for people worried about delivery time, 24 hours delivery in Chennai unless you have asked for a specific model/ specifications not in stock and it will be intimidated to you in advance. Exchange and Finance is also available. We also have a buy now and start paying from May 2016 and 0% interest schemes. It is better to go there and see and there is lot in store for you in the 37000 sq ft warehouse.  Kitchen and Home is another section that is worth a visit where there were kitchen and home items at discounted prices. Airconditioners, yes, Summer is in and normally prices of air conditioners do not see even the normal discount but here we get them at lower prices than in the market.


The other most important question in our mind is when we buy from the warehouse, how or whom do we get in touch if we have some issues with the product.  Be assured that the products we buy from Viveks come from the warehouse and we can always get in touch with the nearest Viveks to get the issue sorted out.


We had a wonderful session with the CEO of Viveks  at the ware house along with the CMO to understand their intention behind this sale and their business.  Viveks has been in business for 50 years and have stood the tide of so many changes in the consumer market with their service and trust their customers has imposed on them. We liked the straightforward speech of the CEO in #WalkwiththeCEO session as he so diligently explained to us the nuances in selecting appliances, their market ethics, relationship with brands and various questions posed by our bloggers team.


Viveks Warehouse

1/258, Mugaliwakkam Main Road (Near Grows Supermarket)

Behind DLF, Mugaliwakkam, Chennai


25, 26 and 27 March 2016

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