Effective Use of Interior décor to Bring Indian Art into Living Space

Interior decor makes a building of mortar and bricks to a living space.  What if we get an opportunity to make our contemporary Indian Art part of our home integrated so beautifully into our spaces to enhance the looks and go beyond just framed pieces of it on walls here and there as decorative pieces?  Living Canvas is such an initiative by Pallavi Goenka and initially we could not really understand how we can make use of art beyond pieces of art on the wall.  Thanks to their sincerity in getting across samples of materials they use and its applications in interior decor, we could appreciate the efforts that have gone into this venture.

It is amazing to see how our Art can be integrated into the spaces we just did not know existed in our homes.  Imagine stairs in your home and our art can be so beautifully embedded without intrusion to add that zing and make a dull space into a vibrant one.  It just needs a creative mind to find application of this innovative thought.  Implementation solutions include blending art and wood, painting art on canvas, imprinting art on leather, and reflecting art on glass.  Living Canvas has teamed with several artists to make this possible. Some of the implementations for your view –








The beauty of the implementation is the selection of suitable material to achieve the desirable effect.   Our samples had base materials that included Imported Wall Peel Mural with a Canvas Finish, Imported Wall Peel Mural with a Leather Finish, Canvas, Veneer, Wooden Patti, Crash Thick Composite Leather, Crash Thin Composite Leather, and Acrylic. It is quite a range and is designed to suit different applications.


Imported Wall Peel Mural with a Canvas Finish @ Rs.500/- per sq ft.

Imported Wall Peel Mural with a Leather Finish @ Rs.800/- per sq ft.

Canvas @ Rs.500/- per sq ft.

Veneer @ Rs.1000/- per sq ft.

Wooden Patti @ Rs.1000/- per sq ft.

Crash Thick Composite Leather  @ Rs.800/- per sq ft.

Crash Thin Composite Leather @ Rs.800/- per sq ft.

Acrylic @ Rs.1050/- per sq ft.

Living Canvas provides customized solutions and takes up orders irrespective of it being small or large with the vision that art should reach beyond walls into statement furniture or décor.  Do breathe life into our art to go beyond art galleries and wall paintings.

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  1. A beautiful presentation!

  2. Nice blog thanks for sharing this article for more Interior Decoration in Chennai visit us at wuddees

  3. The decor on the stairs and also on the dresser is beautiful! I love colors in my own decorating, so this is something I could definitely see myself implementing.

    • Welcome to Chennai Focus. Absolutely amazing to see the space we never thought exists can be used to add decor to our home. Yes, it does give us the liberty to choose what we want and how we want it.


  4. WOW!!! I simply loved their collections. They are indeed unique and very classy.

  5. Love it… very creative!

  6. The steps and the dresser are amazing! I think I have some work to do…..!

  7. Parminder kaur

    Kudos for the designer. The exuberance speaks volume about the taste. Everything is in harmony whether colours or coziness, it is perfect blend of class, insight and hardwork woven together to form the unique fabric of creativity. Masterpiece……Keep it up……

  8. Ellen- Mommy Happiness

    Gorgeous pictures! I love all the color and life that the art brings to the space! 😃

  9. I love how the art brings in warmth and vibrance into the interior. The colors will simply come to life when placed against neutral colors. I especially love the stairs and the colorful painting on the chest of drawers.

  10. Very nice! The ceiling in the second photo is amazing!! It would be hard not to just stair at as your visiting in the living room haha. Just beautiful 🙂

  11. Wow very nice! I have always appreciated Indian design, its eloquent looking. Would love to travel to India one day.

  12. A ceiling is most always a blank canvas. I love the interest the graphic art adds to the room on such a grand scale.

  13. Those steps are to die for! Gorgeous!

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