Adrenaline Rush : WildTribe Ranch Adventure Park Opens in ECR, Chennai

Chennai has a new fun element inaugurated on 12th March 2016. So get ready for the adrenaline rush. If you are the kind travelling on the ECR, you could not have missed the WildTribe Ranch next to Crocodile bank and Jade resorts. It is not a new kid in the block for Chennai but just for ECR since the adventure park has just moved from Ponneri to ECR after successful 9 years there. WildTribe called us to have the first feel (isn’t it thrilling?) through Chennai Bloggers Club ( Here is our experience at the venue. For those not the real adventurous or the little fuzzy ones, here is a sigh of relief. WildTribe focuses on two main things – Safety and Hygiene. We had it proved when we were refused to try few of the adventures since safety check was not completed yet. Safety boards and precautions are there in red and yellow everywhere and the operators are clear on the permissible age and weight giving us the confidence we need to get onto the adventurous trail.


Trampoline, obstacle course with different levels of difficulty, body Zorb Soccer, Reverse Bungee, Trampoline Jump, Zipline, paint ball, net cricket, inflatable based adventures, gyroscope, ATV off road vehicles and a decent swimming pool awaits you at the WildTribe Ranch.



The venue has various levels of challenges making it interesting for the highly adventurous and the least ones to have a good time here. The park is sea facing and we could see the sea when we climbed to the top of the obstacle course designed for the Zipline cruise.

Coupons are planned well and can be used to try out any course and are packaged with beverage, snacks and heavy eats based on the number of coupons we buy. Yes, the more tired we are and our intake should also be proportional isn’t it? Not tying the coupons to the event makes it very attractive since we may be a heterogeneous group interested in different activities and this helps.


If you watched ‘Naduvule Konjam Disturb Pannuvom’ program in Vijay TV where people were asked to climb on a bull and stay on as it does a wild dance, can have a go at it here and understand the difficulty of being on one at the same time having fun(!)

Nice to see shelters with bubble water dispensers here and there with seating to take a break and rest which you would need for sure here. Food is available at the venue. There is sufficient parking space inside and the adventure park is on the main road on the left as we head towards Pondicherry.

For more details you can check out

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  1. Nice and crisp post. I liked all the clicks.

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