A Premise to Ask for a Promise


This post is dedicated to the special person behind me, my secret formula for success.  For those believing in the concept that life is a bed of roses or to the ones thinking it otherwise, life is an experience and there is no need to be judgmental about it. We have lived life with all its ups and downs and still living it and we know what matters is our mental and emotional makeup.  There are so many of us out there unwilling to talk out even if we are wronged or when we see someone going through it. There are two specific reasons to this – either we are scared or we do not care.

There is nothing to talk about people who are not interested.  But when we are scared, it spells the beginning of everything we do not want to be.  This is the situation for 90% of the women today.  If this woman happens to be a mother, we can very well imagine the state of mind of her children. They learn fear at a tender age and impose limitations on their own self and lose life without a fight. Who knows?  If they had fought, they might have made it big, achieved greater heights or at the least lived the life to their contentment.  Growing up in an environment and questioning this life, I reached the other end of this as a gutsy woman capable of taking care of myself, ready to fight life till the end and in the process has grown independent nurtured by the belief everything is achievable and possible.

Someone to marry a person of this verve and independence is no joke. People talk a lot about compatibility and it focuses on the inability of the wife to match up with her husband but the other situation also exists and is not talked about much. If there is a talk about incompatibility, it blames the woman for being arrogant and adamant and gives least importance to her expectations on compatibility. In a country with such values, it is very easy for me to fall into this lot but for my husband who really took pains to understand me.  To be honest, it has been more gives than takes for him but he has worked so subtly inside me to be a compatible partner to him without making me compromise my values. The fact is I am still learning.

Our daughter has benefited a lot from his attitude towards life and his sincerity to our family. He has imbibed in her the need to be individualistic and at the same time value relationships and has prevented me from being overpowering. He has always risen to the situations, be it for us or his siblings, relatives and friends however trivial it may be and has won hearts and respect with his honesty and approach.

What more one can ask for? All that I expect from him is to be what he has been till now and help me add value to this beautiful relationship of life and to the family.

I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda

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