Health Talk : Introducing New Protein Rich Chips and Snack for Diet Conscious

3 p2ackEarlier we had written about McCain foods and also about why totally keeping away from fat is not a good choice either. Chips is one great snack serving as a perfect accompaniment when you are off on travel or stuck in odd times in traffic or working extra beyond the regular meal times. See a small kiosk anywhere on your travel route and we can see those colorful packets beckoning us to have a go at it and the puffed up covers hardly hold enough and only leave us with a want to go for more to satiate our interest in the crunches.

Anytime we put a control on something, the need on gorge on it becomes more. The only alternative is to provide it with elements of goodness to go for it without guilt. Whenever we talk about goodness, there is the taste factor going for a toss and is the compromise which is a poor substitute for the chips we love.

As per a recent consumer survey conducted by The Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB), 80 percent of Indian diets are protein deficient.  To address this and also bring in healthier chips, Naturell India has launched India’s first ever Protein Chips- RiteBite Max Protien, a Tasty yet healthy 7 Grain protein Snack.

The beauty of these chips is it is neither fried nor baked but Hot Air Puffed to make it crispy and tasty. The chips come in 3 flavors – Cheese & Jalapeno, Spanish Tomato & Minty Chaat.

RiteBite Max Protein is enriched with the goodness of 7 grains- Oats, Wheat, Soy, Ragi, Gram, Corn and Rice and has thrice the amount of protein contained in Corn Chips or Nachos and thrice lesser the amount of fat contained in fried savories.

We asked for a sample and we got all the 3 flavors. The chips were crispy and tasty and we could complete the entire pack and it replaced a evening snack comfortably. Since it was protein rich, it satiated our hunger pangs and also the need to have something crispy at that time of the day. It is a perfect rainy day snack and the biggest plus is we can have it without those pangs of guilt eating deep fried food or carbohydrates rich potato chips packet after packet.

Talking about the flavors, children loved the Spanish Tomato and the Cheese & Jalapeno flavors but my husband and his friend liked the Mint Chaat flavor better.

Rite Bite Max Protein chips contain 10 grams of Protein, equivalent to 1 glass of Milk/ 2 cups of Dal and 3 grams of Fibre, equivalent to 1 cup of Oatmeal, zero Trans Fats and are hundred percent vegetarian.

If you follow a diet conscious or busy losing, gaining or maintaining weight, this Protein Chips can replace your 5 o’clock snack craving, midnight hunger and also the best tiffin box snack which will ensure great palatability and satiety value.


A packet of Rite Bite Max Protein chips contains 45 gms  of snacks and costs Rs.40/- . It is available in all the leading outlets and supermarkets.  Buy and check them out –

 Key Benefits:

  • Non-Fried & Non-Baked
  • 10 gm Protein ( equivalent to 1 glass of Milk )
  • 3 gm Fiber ( equivalent to 1 cup of Oats )
  • Made of Multigrain
  • 0% Trans Fat
  • 6 Months Shelf Life
  • Hunger Satisfaction
  • 100% Vegetarian

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  1. I can recommend it to my parents back home. Looks yummy and there are many options too.

    • Yes Saru. Protein is the key ingredient to good health. This one is healthy, crunchy and filling too. We found it enticing and we had shared it with kids and elders too.


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