Luxury Living: Integrating Swimming Pools in Your Home

Home is where the heart is and for us, home is not just one building to stay but a communion of hearts and comfort coming together to decide what makes it the place to live. The moment we start to think about a home, our mind starts listing out our fancies and the best that we could possibly accommodate to match our lifestyle beyond just the basics.  When it comes to luxury living, the common thing that comes into the minds of most people looking for a home is a Swimming pool unless you have hydrophobia.


When we talk about relaxation and leisure, we cannot help thinking about revelry or a candle light dinner by the pool side or simply lazing around in it.  The ways it jumps onto our imagination is left to individual’s fantasy.  For those in the category of usefulness in the home, here is a bit for you. Exercise has become an integral part of our daily life. Ask any expert in the fitness industry, the best form of exercise is swimming because it comes under the non-impact category.

Whether you have a pool in your home or want a new one to be included, there are many factors to be considered and explored.  If privacy is your core area, I have few friends of mine opting for it since they felt it was not comfortable using an outdoor pool or the common one provided by apartment societies.  Reasons may vary but we do have options depending on the use, and as always maintenance is a key factor too.  A pool drains quite a bit of money from our wallet and doing it without planning can be a nightmare with troubles springing up now and then.  Forget the troubles, to get what we want as we envisage should be the priority.  Be it built-in pools or above the ground pools, each one has its pros and cons and an expert‘s help can go a big way in ensuring what we want because sometimes our imagination might not be just enough to enjoy it.

Indoor Pool

Pool : by Elektra Lighting Design

One of the important things to keep in mind when going for a swimming pool is SPACE.  In bold, because the pool should not become overpowering that we see only pool as the significant space in our home.  What do you want to do with it? We mean the intended use. Then we come to the decision of it being an indoor or outdoor pool and if it is going to be a permanent or temporary one and finally maintenance. Maintenance is a key aspect and we do not want to spend a huge amount of money on it as recurring expense. It is likely that we might have planned well for the capital expense of building a swimming pool and not its maintenance, but yes, we need to allocate funds for it. Understand that pools need daily upkeep, and pool water should be treated, checked for safe swimming conditions.  Drainage and filtration systems need monitoring and replacement if required.

Above the ground pool

Modern pool by CONCEITO Arquitetura, Urbanismo e Interiores

If we attempt getting the swimming pool done in bits and pieces with our acquired knowledge, we might end up having a jigsaw puzzle pieces that do not fit together. It is a severe drain on resources, time and can turn out to be way expensive than what we would have planned.  Better to be safe than sorry, check out with the professionals and experts and it can be time saving and also wallet can do away with unnecessary expenses.

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