Parenting Talk: Chu Chu TV for Children Makes Learning Fun

NewPicture873Children these days have lot of options to spend their time but the onus to make the time worthwhile and also educative lies in the hands of the parents and teachers. We can see preschoolers watching television serials with their parents and playing mobile games not suitable for their age. Precious time of their life is spent in unwanted knowledge capable of spoiling children’s character building. We grew up with toys, simple ones which allowed us to create our own world and dream our fantasy without any negative influence. Those were the initial seeds of creativity. Learning was limited to action oriented rhymes focusing on improving our memory, rhythm and physical activity. It was fun way of learning and had an impact on our minds which we fondly recall even today. Focus was on physical exercises and emotional growth was the aim and we never grew tired doing any of these unlike the kids today who complain of boredom, strain and tiredness even in preschool. To drive home the point, let us do a small exercise, can you recollect Jack and Jill, Ding Dong Bell and Twinkle twinkle little star?  It will be surprising to know that despite the age we are in, each one of us can recite it without any difficulties. So the solution lies in hitting back those days albeit a minor difference due to the way we grew up and the lifestyle of kids today.

We came across a Youtube channel, Chu Chu TV providing nursery rhymes in an engaging fashion to the kids. The videos are colourful and maintain the purpose of the rhymes at the same time entertaining the kids and encouraging them to visit the channel again. What we enjoyed is the thought process that has gone into making of the videos.

We watched the Brush Your Teeth Song with few kids in the neighbourhood and the interest the video generated among the kids was awesome. Sharing it here –

We could see the kids enjoy, smile and also attempt singing along after it was played three times. It was encore from the kids every time it ended. Ask any parent and you know how difficult it is to teach children to brush every day. The way the video is taken subtly instils the practice and also helps them understand things in the way they love. We have become popular in the neighborhood that the moment the kids see us, they demand that we show them Chu Chu TV.

Chu Chu TV teams’ involvement is evident as we could see lot of original and creative content with different kinds of music and peppy numbers loved by little kids all around the world. It is very interesting to have a look at the collection they have and we would recommend this to preschools to make it as a part of the time the kids spend with them.

Moms out there do watch this channel along with your kids and we are sure you too will find it entertaining. After all, who would not want a ride back to childhood days and get hooked onto fun time with cartoons?

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