Product Talk: EyeSpa Cools, Hydrates and Refreshes Your Eyes


The topic of this post is lifestyle. The idea behind this post came from my analysis of the lives of my  grandmother, mother-in-law and in short, my earlier generation. What was clearly evident was the youthfulness of their skin, hair and eyes. We, the current generation, claiming to be intellectually wise age by looks with grey hair peeping in as early as mid 30s. We cannot deny the fact that stress and strain take a toll on our lives and our life has become much complex compared to yesteryears and the earlier generation. This change is seen more among women as they juggle between home, family and career.

a1Lifestyle has become one of the reasons for many health related complications. Information technology is a development of the 20th and 21st century and computers; mobiles have become an integral part of our lifestyle. Though there are many debates on what’s good and bad, we are hooked onto this lifestyle change. Constant exposure to air conditioning makes the skin dry, so we can’t even begin to imagine the effect it has on our eyes! Gadgets have contributed their bit and sedentary lifestyle cannot be ruled out with almost everything accessible with a click of the mouse or a swipe depriving us of that walks we take to get our daily needs. Once again, all this is made possible by constant access to lit presentations such as desktop, laptop, and mobiles and no denying this, as it has become the order of the day.

Instead of worrying and cribbing about the lifestyle changes, prudence lies in accepting it and 670px-Make-Your-Eyes-Stop-Hurting-Step-19working our way to make it healthy and interesting. The biggest impact of constant watching of brightly lit computers and mobiles is on the eyes. Concentration on these screens deprives the eyes of tears and presents us of a condition called Dry eyes. Dry eyes can be created due to various conditions though usage of computers and laptops is cited as one of the reason. Tears fail to form in the eye or evaporate quickly leading to this condition. Acute condition of dry eyes leads to redness and irritation. Dry Eyes is known as Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca in medical terms.

To avoid dryness, it is important to keep the eyes hydrated. A new entrant in the market EyeSpa™ by LifeZen provides this and also cools and refreshes the eyes.


Being an IT consultant and a blogger, I almost stay in front of the laptopGet-Rid-of-a-Red-Eye-Step-1-Version-3 for more than 12 hours a day. Needless to say, by the evening, my eyes feel tired and even a slight blurring of vision occurs. Not knowing that there is a solution available, I used to have a cold eye pack and place it on the eye. The solution was not great because I ended up with sinusitis in this season. I tried this Eyespa™, eye drops for dry eyes and on the first day, I felt a slight bit of irritation and mild burning sensation.  But now I am using it for 4 days and 2 drops,  2 times a day and I do not have any symptoms of tiredness, irritation on application and my eyes feel good. In fact I will call it the best eye drops for tired eyes I have used till now. I would also suggest taking constant breaks while working and it is sure to help our eyes refresh and also give our body movement and flexibility.

FullSizeRender (2)

Always check out expiry of a product you buy.


Do try out EyeSpa™ if you use laptop and mobile a lot and do share with us your experience.

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  1. e have the heater on here because of the winters and my eyes become pretty dry cause of that. This seems to be a good remedy for that too, apart from my long hours in front of the comp! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Cheers, Archana –

    • Archana,
      when I used it, I realized how much tired my eyes were and the relief I got was immense. We become so used to tiredness that we do not realize it.


      • Oh yes Katie.. I can totally relate with that. Back at home mumma used to put some eye drops in my eyes when I would be too tired and unable to sleep as well. That gave so much of relief! Thanks dearie.. always a pleasure to visit your blog… it’s brimming with such amazing information 🙂 Much love!

      • Thanks Archana. It is a pleasure connecting with you.


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