Intelligent App to Facilitate Train Ticket Booking


Come vacation, long weekends or festivals, the first thing that comes to mind for the people planning travel is train tickets.  Booking a ticket during these days is a mental, emotional and physical challenge for many but unlike private operators for buses, we are dependent on government operated trains. Tickets booking open as early as 120 days and reservations for available seats gets completed so fast that short term planners find it almost next to impossible to travel by train. Though buses are an option, travelling with elderly people and women on a longer journey is not preferred by many.  Tatkal is another option but here too, it is for the jiffy expert users to find tickets using this process.  This has led to a development of a fantastico  high utility travel app called ConfirmTkt which predicts chances of confirmation for wait listed tickets using historical data. It also suggests alternates like break journeys to help book confirmed railway tickets.

ConfirmTkt makes its predictions based on the current and past booking trends, station quota, season, holidays, days of the week and many other such parameters. Its algorithm interprets the confirmation chances by comparing the current availability with the ticket confirmation thresholds based on booking and cancellation trends in the past. Additionally, it also has machine learning implemented so that any time the algorithm gets a prediction wrong; it learns and improves itself to get it right the next time.

Its unique feature goes a step beyond to help users discover all the possible alternatives to book a confirmed ticket. Booking via intermediate station, booking from a prior station/ up to the next available station are some ways the app uncovers hidden alternates from existing ticket quotas. There are also development in progress to help users (cost-effectively) book bus, flight or cabs as alternative ways to travel so that they never have to cancel their plans.

This app has had widespread acceptance as we see it has crossed 5 lakh downloads on Android, 40k+ downloads on Windows and nearly 5000 installs on iOS app store. The iOS app was launched only in November 2015.

We downloaded the app (iOS) and download process was quite quick confirming the app is light. The interface is simple and easy to use. We can search by origin and destination location, date and class of travel. For people who have used Indian Rail website to check for availability or even IRCTC, the speed at which the app brings out the trains and availability is absolutely fabulous. There is not much of steps involved as the list clearly defines the availability and percentage of getting the tickets booked under waitlist confirmed next to the train. We can also check the next 6 days, alternates, schedule and much more in the same screen.

We tried few routes and specifically Chennai to Sankaran Kovil, always difficult to get route and asked for alternatives and we got a list of connections and surprisingly, there were available tickets to reach by connecting through different routes.


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To download Check this link –

An App really worthy for its claim to offer intelligence to train travelers who seek any help to travel comfortably in train.

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  1. This is an interesting and useful application of machine learning. I will try it out during my next train journey 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  2. I used this app many times.. And it’s giving very perfect result.. Thanks to this developer..

  3. it’s very helpful .

    specially in summer (peak time for travel) session

  4. reliable app and correct result .

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