Teeth Talk: Oral Care from Apollo White Dental

image2Oral care had never been a subject of concern few decades back. We could connect it with the brushing habits, natural products, organic food, sans pesticides life and more.  As we moved into the millennium, medical innovations have gone beyond just treatment to venture into cosmetic zone.  Eating habits too have changed and so is our lifestyle.  Still the most ignored part of our body remains to be oral care and specifically the teeth. We cannot ignore the fact that mouth is the organ responsible for our intake and the point of contact to our metabolic system. Any callousness in taking care of it can lead to overall issues with health.  We had an interactive session and treatment at Apollo White Dental to understand the importance of regular dental checkups and the services they offer to customers.

It is always to better to fix appointment and it is much easier to be on time since Apollo White Dental has its clinic in every major area.  We began our process with the oral examination to understand the state of our mouth.  It was nice to see a senior dentist doing the checkup and was thorough in checking the mouth.  Fortunately for us, we had initial stages of cavities to be addressed.


There are no specific reasons for cavities to develop since saliva remains in the mouth and can be a contributory factor.  We did have a jaw misalignment and braces were suggested as a solution to fix it.  Technology has made such an impact that wearing braces today is no more a ugly feature – CAD/CAM braces looks transparent and we could hardly make out if you are wearing it.  Gone are the days when you have wait for long to get your alignment done.  Perforation surgery can help you set your teeth in 3+ month’s time without braces. Yes, everything comes at a price. So it is for you to decide your priorities and how to go about it.


We wanted to fix a cavity to check how it worked but then we went for scaling and polishing first.  Scaling to remove the unwanted particles, stains and polishing to give the original color to the teeth. We did not go for the whitening as the polishing effect itself gave it a pep we needed.




Cavity filling was not painful and we were provided with the same color filling that we could not make out if it was filled.  Patiently, the dentist made sure the filling was not disturbing by filing it. A bit laborious process, but was comfortable.



We were taught the art of brushing and advised further visit for rest of the cavities filling and a regular checkup every 6 months – it may not involve any procedure at all but better to make it as a practice to avoid tooth woes later.

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  1. We go for cleaning-up every 6 months, it is very essential and it feels so fresh after the process.

    Great post!

  2. A detailed post. Having an appointment soon.. Dental treatments are always scary unless we get it done by a qualified dentist.

  3. “Cavity filling was not painful and we were provided with the same color filling that we could not make out if it was filled.” That’s wonderful .. Earlier , we had amalgam fillings that not only turned the tooth black but also the cheeks and gums.. Now these white fillings are also environment friendly … no more mercury int he mouth!!

    • Yes, Cynthia. Even braces have undergone such a see change that they are so transparent, no one can make out you are wearing one. Though perforation surgery has come of age, we were not comfortable with it.


  4. This blog really shows about the oral care of the patients and it is very much impressive. To know about this things which is a good guidance to us.

  5. My friend also refereed the Apollo dental clinic

  6. Having a dental check-up is crucial to preventive dental care. Many dental problems start small, but rapidly grow into a much larger dental problem, making dental expenses higher for you.

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