An Opportunity to Celebrate Love – February 14 – Valentines’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and E-commerce and online shopping experience is all into specific offerings for the day.  It is celebration time as love is in the air. No other celebration boasts so much about love globally except this day, celebrated on February 14 of every year as St. Valentine’s Day.  We are not going into history as it available in abundance on the net.  For those who feel that this is not our culture, let us look at this day as a time to appreciate your spouse or the special someone to show that you care. An opportunity to kindle that flame of love, love however deep we have should be expressed once in a while, and this could be the right opportunity.

Celebrations are meant to make life interesting and break the monotony. What we appreciate is the fact that innovation has been the undercurrent of these celebrations.  Gifting has undergone a sea change and has gone beyond the saying ‘Say it with Flowers’.  Personalization has become the key and in the world where ‘Selfies’ rule, what would be more appropriate than a gift that spells that you know and understand her.  Let us see the world of customization in offer today –

The world has shrunk and gone are the days when sending gifts to US and the anywhere in the world has prohibitive price tags. Now we get free shipping making it easy to send the gifts from India but make sure to calculate the shipping time to ensure the gift reaches on time.  When it is valentine gift, it is not what we give but how we give it.

Pair of Mugs with pictures of you both together, those enriching moments of togetherness can be captured and given as a gift.  Cushions and teddies have a special place in women’s hearts.  Now the cushions can be customized to be a memorable gift with graffiti, photos to reflect your love for her.

Engraved glasses are the new offer in the market. Stylish Champagne and wine glasses,   beer mugs, personalized bar accessories, shot glasses can be customized. Another one is the personal crystal gifts, puzzles and cubes, clocks and magnets.  Here are few examples-

 If you want to look at something beyond these, you can check out valentine jewelry. Heart shaped jewelry; Swarovski collections are not only trendy but are sure to catch the attention of the girl. Who does not love jewelry?


And we have the time tested red roses and chocolates and it can work well with any kind of relationships.  How about serenades to go on a countdown mode sending gifts for days before the actual Valentine’s Day?  This is a great way to propose love to your dear one.


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