S(t)ri is here for brides and bridezillas!!

Bridal Assistant and Personal Shoppers are becoming the trend. How many times you wonder how nice it would to be to have someone who can help in choosing your clothes, accessories and if the person turns out to be a know it all, its a double delight.

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 How many of you have heard the words in the recent times?

” My sister lives in another city and is coming only a day before the wedding.”

“My best friends cannot make it to the wedding or cannot help me with shopping.”

“I have no time to throw a bridal shower for my best friend”

And this one is mine ” I live abroad and I have no clue about the good shops/latest designs/good tailors etc etc etc”

When I posted on our bloggers club about this series Srilakshmi of I am Stri, one of the prominent lifestyle bloggers from Chennai immediately pinged me saying she was a Bridal Assistant. Whaaa..whaat? I had a skype call with her to understand what she does and (ofcourse) why would I let her go just like that . People like Sri are emerging in cities like Chennai and are the need…

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  1. Really great to know 👍

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