Know about Soft Soled Shoes, the New Rage in Footwear and its Impact on Children

Soft Soled shoes specifically Clogs have become a rage even though they come with an expensive price tag.  Be it outdoors, indoors, travel, and adventure trips, we see children wearing clogs. It has become a point of superiority among school children to have Crocs clog shoes. Crocs have had its list of issues in US which people in India are unaware of.  To add to the confusion, many products resembling Crocs are hitting the market from China and our own country to cash in on the popularity of the brand. We know the problem behind Crocs but unsure of what the others have in them though the one written here is for all these products with the spoken design.  Read on to know more about  Clogs / soft soled shoes.


Clogs are soft pliable shoes in bright colors capable of molding itself to feet shape. It is a sort of rubber clog for slippery surface but has caught the fancy of kids all over the world. It is ideal for fishermen and gardeners working in wet and muddy surface.  It is manufactured without any animal products and is available in designs and colors suitable for men, women and children. It has soles with firm grip to prevent slips and has sufficient ventilation to prevent bacteria and fungus. Parents are happy with the no lace shoes as kids can take it off and put it on easily.

Schools require physical activities and clogs in schools do not provide good support like sneakers. Be aware that clogs are not meant for outdoor activities and play and that any activity other than walking can make it fall off and trip the child. In fact, Crocs Clogs have become a subject of concern and discussion with cases reported in US against it by parents of children wearing it.

Are you a regular in malls and have the habit of leaving your children to go up and down the escalator on their own?  Then this part is for you – Clogs have been a cause of escalator accidents involving children.  The flexibility and grip spoken as advantages of soft soled shoes are the reasons behind the shoes getting stuck in the cracks in between the steps or caught in the teeth when getting in and out of the escalator. Children are more accident prone as they keep shifting and moving in the escalators. Given the nature of clog’s susceptibility to accidents, it is a matter of grave concern to note that clogs are available for kids as young as 2 years.

On the impact of widespread complaints and talks about Crocs in the US, retailers such as Mattel subsidiary American Girl had displayed signs to advise customers against wearing crocs to use the elevators. Warning signs have also been displayed the subway system against using escalators with clogs though the name of the brand is not displayed. But there is no warning system nor any shout out here in India where malls, railway stations have escalators and carry more traffic and kids than any US entity.

Yes, you have bought Crocs Clogs spending a lot of money or having a kid who refuses to part away with it and is worried about how to handle it. Learn how to prevent accidents while using such shoes? Experts opine that the best way to prevent   accidents while using Crocs or any flexible shoes in escalators is to keep your legs facing the direction of movement, stay in the middle of the step and be watchful to clear the teeth at the top and bottom.

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