Introducing a Fantastico GPS based Product, iTag – Anti-Loss and Anti-Theft Device

Travelling today has a lot of strings and if you are travelling with family, most of our time is spent in gathering people, ensuring everyone is comfortable and making sure all their needs are met.  Additionally, safety of baggage takes top priority and in case, it is a longer trip, baggage grows more in number.  Travel times is about one or the other keeping awake to ensure baggage stays with us. Additional care points when taking along elderly people lies in ensuring all their accessories such as spectacles, mobile, medicines go along with them wherever they go.  This is not the issue with large groups alone, even when we are travelling alone or being a frequent traveler in a touring group, we carry a lot of our gadgets such as camera, tripod, mobile, lens, laptops, cards, external HDD and so many to make travel blogging or purpose tours fully covered to have an impact on our audience.

Peace of mind lies in ensuring the important items stay with us and we know if we miss it.  We came across a Fantastico product in the market that could provide us the necessary comfort as we travel.  This product called Self Portrait Anti-lost/Theft device is a GPS tag which can be attached to anything including your pet.

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Designed like a key chain, this device works with Android or iOS phone and can be attached to anything.  If the attached product moves >10m from you, you get an alert in your mobile with the set tone.   There is an exclusive app to work with this GPS tag and it should be installed in the phone.  Pairing the device using the app establishes a connection between the phone and the tag.  The app also has a location option which we can use to locate the tag in case it has moved away from us.  You can also press alert to get the GPS tag to beep from its location and transmit its location to us.


Simple Steps to get the GPS tag to work –

  1. Install iTracing app in your phone
  2. Ensure phone’s Bluetooth is switched ON
  3. Switch on the GPS tag by pressing the button for few seconds.
  4. The app will automatically detect the device – Wait for few seconds if it does not detect immediately
  5. Once detected, you will see a connected message meaning the tag is now traceable. Check the
    location and you will see the location of the tag. This only works with Google Maps not for the location inside your house.
  6. Press the Alert button in the app and the tag will let out Beep sounds. Stop Alert to stop the beep sound.
  7. Location menu to show you the location in Google Map. If the tag looses connection, the map will still show you the last known position.
  8. If you are not using the tag, keep pressing it to switch it off.

iTracing App Shots (iOS)

Replacing battery is a simple process. This can be used as a remote for photographs, voice recording etc. The app’s introduction menu has all the details on the use and operation of the GPS tag in detail. Do check it out before using it.

If you want to own this product, check out, a site for innovative gizmos. This product came to us at Rs.699 per product.  The app is free.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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