Old is Gold Mornings Revived with #Colgate360GoldMornings

nalukettuDawn breaks and our home is abuzz with ceremonial traditional Suprabatham so loud yet soothing such that everyone wakes up to it.  Our beautiful home is lit with natural light entering through the traditional windows and the sun roof on the terracotta tiles. Our expansive home extends 3 divisions in length and the whole place is filled with pleasant incense.  Getting up in the morning is refreshing and triggers a unique feeling of awakening in me. A walk to the backyard reveals the well cared for garden of guava, mango, neem, drumstick, coconut trees dotted with fragrant flower beds of jasmine, hibiscus, rose and many day and night flowers.  It is a unique experience to see those buds waiting for the respective breaks to show up their lovely faces.

I walk lazily to sit on the washing stone to have a feel of the nip in the air as the bees buzz, birds chirp, cuckoos coo welcoming the bright sunny morning.  We cannot miss those squirrels running about to give a great welcome for the day gathering acorns.  As I turn around, I can see the cows feeding their calves after contributing the required quantity for our daily needs, confirmed by the strong waft of coffee smell in the air.


 It is greenery everywhere and I can see cow dung being carefully collected from the cow shed and making it to the front yard to be sprinkled as a germicidal. It is interesting to see it so deftly evened out on the floor.  Rest of the cow dung available is used as a fertilizer for the plants and trees. Growing Organic begins here!


After a while, a quick glance reveals a beautiful front end of the house decorated with a massive kolam made with rice flour and a dash of red here and there so carefully and perfectly drawn over the cow dung spread to signify that the day is special and a celebration awaits us.


A huge Tulasi tree sits in the middle of the house in an open area in a container specifically designed for it. A beautiful lamp is lit and placed in front of Tulasi and a necessary early morning chore is to water it and go around it 3 times.  Tulasi, Banyan and bamboo do not give out carbon dioxide and act as a rich source of oxygen and specifically ozone in the early mornings. What a beautiful way to start a day!

Our day routine is like this. We get up and head to the back yard and pull water from the well to fill our buckets for our need.  Specialty of well water is it is always fresh and cool however hot the day may be. We head to the nook where a small bundle of neem and banyan sticks beaten at one end to be a brush is stored. We pick it up and start brushing and finish it with a fine powder of charcoal for that brightness and cleanliness.

Once done, we proceed to take a quick walk in the garden and head to have hot fresh coffee made of cow milk. An oil massage is followed by hair wash with natural shikakai to cool the body and promotes good hair health.  Drying the hair is always towel dry with Sambrani smoke to the hair (a natural remedy to prevent head lice and also cough and chest congestion).  Then it is family togetherness in preparing meals and taking the day to happy conclusion of celebration with its own list of practices and special food.

Every day is a celebration with such regimen and natural exercise flowed in the form of drawing water from well, washing clothes on the stone, sweeping, mopping the house bending, grinding flour using wet stone, making pastes with ammi  and tending to garden. What can equal this Non impact natural exercising regimen!  My great aunts, grandmothers, mothers  are still young at heart, fit by health with no hysterectomy, arthritis, diabetes, high BP, and in short lifestyle diseases. Time to contemplate!

FullSizeRender (2)

This narrative of my childhood spell my golden mornings of health and fitness and this is revived in part by the beautiful attractive Colgate 360 Gold brushes with charcoal. Thankful to Colgate for sending us such a beautiful hamper to try out. It is now #Colgate360GoldMornings every day. Hope to see many of our lost secrets revived in their modern yet traditional forms to connect with our olden golden days.

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