Hearty Vibes – Positive and Positive Makes a Positive

Positive Vibes make this world what it is and helps us survive and believeaids in tomorrow while living today with confidence.  We grew up learning to be positive and it has helped us tide through difficult times with the confidence that this too will pass and better times lie ahead.  But Positive has a negative impact in all our minds in one case, being HIV positive. Still an area people refuse to talk about or acknowledge, I saw one of my friends suffering from AIDS die a silent death for no fault of hers. She led a humiliated, ostracized life shunned by family deprived of support, refusing help from friends and suffering all alone wishing for earlier death as a boon.

Pretty upset and disappointed at her life and death, I explored this realm and in the process came across a woman Prabhasini Pradhan, a HIV positive patient working towards ensuring a positive life by creating vocational opportunities, creating awareness about rights, entitlements and advising women on government schemes, health and educational options through her NGO Kalinga Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (KNP+) with few other good hearted souls.


This woman Prabhasini was shell shocked when her husband who was in Mumbai tested positive for HIV. Subsequently, her test also revealed she was also HIV Positive. Her husband died suddenly after a fortnight and she was left to fend for herself with her daughter.  Thankfully, her daughter tested negative.  Her in-laws threw her out and refused to accept her daughter too. She was treated as an untouchable and was forced to go back to her home village in Odisha. She earned a meager amount by tailoring and teaching kids but soon the village came to know of her HIV Positive status and here too she was pushed to the corner.

To confirm her health condition, she travelled to Bhubaneshwar where she met counselors who explained the difference between HIV positive and AIDS. She was inspired by the people she met and she became the first poster woman to be featured in the campaign on HIV/AIDS in Odisha.  When every woman who was withdrawing and sulking on their fate, this woman from the village shrugged away her fears and wanted to make a difference to women suffering like her to face life boldly.  She is working to give a decent living to the children of HIV Positive women who are neglected by the family and society for being born to them.  She has succeeded in getting a small sum from the State women welfare board for the children’s education and nutrition.

Prabhasini Pradhan has shown us what life is all about and reading about her and her life travel made me appreciate how blessed I am and the life I led and all my troubles seem to be quite trivial.  I felt ashamed for feeling low when everything was amendable and not taking the right steps to change things.  Self pity takes us nowhere, and this is no ordinary statement – if there is a will, there is a way.  Look around and you find so many who make a difference.  It is sad that my friend refused to fight for her rights and quit her life much before she died.   She is not alone. All of us find ourselves in this situation at some point in life.  I did and Prabhasini taught me how precious life is and inspired me to live this moment and live it well.  I promise to do it every time and make it meaningful.

Few points here –

All HIV positive patients do not become AIDS patients. There are many who are HIV Positive and lead a normal life without treatment. Some have mild health issues and lead life with treatment.

Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is the last stage of HIV infection.  Human Immuno Virus (HIV) when left untreated destroys body’s immune system leading to susceptibility to many diseases which in turn becomes fatal.

Every HIV Positive patient has right to live and with dignity.

I am happy to start 2016 with this post. Thanks for being with me in my Blogging journey and giving me the confidence to carry on further.

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