Travel: Thiruvalangadu, Serene Spiritual Space Near Chennai

Our experience travelling to Thiruvalangadu, a serene  Shiva temple located in the Thiruvallur to Thiruttani route.  Thiruvalangadu is a beautiful village retaining its old charm with tiled houses and is located quite off the busy Chennai city yet easily reachable for a calm peaceful spiritual journey.


We went to this temple on the occasion of ‘Arudhra Darisanam’  famous in Lord Nataraja temples specifically in Chidambaram.  ‘Arudhra Darisanam’ is celebrated as ‘Thiruvadirai’ by us.  This place, Thiruvalangadu holds a specific place in this league, being one of the Sabhais  of  Lord Nataraja.

There are five sabhais or places of significance for Lord Nataraja and his cosmic dance. Each sabhai represents an element,  a dance form and a place.

Kanaka (Gold) Sabhai          Chidambaram             Anandha Thandavam

Velli (Silver) Sabhai               Madurai                        Sandhya Thandavam

Thamira (Copper) Sabhai     Tirunelveli                   Gowri Thandavam

Rathna (Gem) Sabhai             Thiruvalangadu          Oordhva Thandavam

Chithra ( Painting) sabhai     Kuttralam                    Tripura Thandavam

Here in Thiruvalangadu,  lord is in Oordhva Thandavam pose, left leg pointing to the sky.  We expected the lord to be made of gemstones but we saw a normal idol. So the question of significance to the name arises. It is a point of contemplation.

Thiruvalangadu is a place where a classical dance contest between the lord and devi  resulted in the lord lifting his leg against the rules of classical dance.  This angered the devi and she moved out and is residing in another place. So we have to visit the Kali temple located behind before visiting the main shrine.


The entrance of the shrine was dark surprisingly even on a day when the temple is supposedly in glory. The same is the case with the inner and outer praharams. All the analysis and registering temple details disappeared as we stood in front of the sanctum sanctorum.  My mind stopped thinking and those moments were absolutely stunning.

Though it was dark, we wanted to go around the temple and thanks to a couple, they took pains to accompany us as we went around the temple.  It was amazing to see the sthala vruksham, a huge Banyan tree in the moonlight.

We left the temple feeling light and wanted to eat.  Thiruvallur is the next known place and we checked into Perambur Srinivasa, a decent looking restaurant.  When we entered, we weren’t too sure what to expect but wailing stomach got the better of us. Food was awesome and so well priced that we wished it was located much closer to Chennai.  Gobi Manchurian, Roti, Paneer butter masala, burger, pizza, name it and they had it. Gobi Manchurian was succulent with well balanced spices, the pick of the lot. No wonder, people wait to get a table when nearby restaurants have empty tables. Do check out this restaurant if you are in Thiruvallur.  It is located on the Thiruvallur Thiruthani Main Road. You just cannot miss it.

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  1. I am planning a road trip on my bike to Tiruvallur – Tiruttani – Tirupati. I will include this place also in my journey 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  2. Thanks for sharing the temple information. I saw your guys on Viber chat and was looking at this wordpress site.

    Perambur Srinivasa hotel is really nice. Sometimes I do pass by Thiruvallur and its a good & neat place to stop by, have whatever depending on the time and just relax. But I noticed its always crowded while the other hotels are almost next to empty..

    3 cheers guys!! Happy New Year!!

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