Restaurant Review : Mamagoto definitely a Place for Pan Asian Vegetarian Food

A new restaurant, Mamagoto serving Asian cuisine has opened in Chennai after establishing itself in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. We are vegetarians and Asian food did not spell well to us. We spoke to them and understood that they have vast options for vegetarians too. So we decided to try it out.


Located in Khader Nawaz khan road at Olivier in 1st floor, Mamagoto is a casual dining restaurant. It was buzzing with activity at 7.30 PM on a weekday. If you are curious to know what ‘mamagoto’ means, it translates to ‘to Play with Food’.  Interiors were vibrant and well lit fit enough for a nice and enjoyable foodie day out.  As confirmed, the menu was Pan Asian and ran to several pages starting from detox drinks to desserts.

The ambience is a clear winner with Manga based graphic design at the onset and we had people waiting outside after half an hour.  Reservations are strongly recommended to make sure that you do not wait.



Coming to the food, we started off with non-alcoholic cleansers.  We had a good list to select from and we went for

  • Virgin Sangria   – Orange based herby drink, was good
  • Hawaiian Beachcomber – Pineapple and Orange juice with soda




Mamagoto has a small plates concept which can be equated to starters. We had

  • Crispy Lotus stem – A signature dish, it was a bland fried lotus stem that goes with burnt garlic and dried chilli accompaniment.  Going by the appreciation, we believe that it is exotic. It did taste good with the accompaniment.
  • Vegetable basil cups – If you are the one who loves herbs, this is one of the ‘Must not Miss’ item.  It was Herby, yummy all the way.




Both the dishes above are Wok Tossed.

  • Bite size corn fritter balls – We got it as rolls and not as balls. The sauce was good and we even used the sauce for many other items. One thing to note here – the sauce is carefully homemade and we could see that touch when we ate it.
  • Hua Hin highway rolls – was amazing with lemon grass, asparagus and strongly recommended.



Having tasted fried starters, we were looking for grilled ones and there were no vegetarian options in this section.

What is Asian cuisine without steamed food?  We tried street style spicy dumpling, we loved the smooth texture and the vegetables. It was topped with the thick sauce which made it more aromatic and tasty.


We tried out the salad section and as we all know, the sauce is the king and the rich vegetables broccoli, cabbage, mushroom and beans made it good.  There was a surprise salad with quinoa and peanuts.  We went for it and it was zingy with the flavors bursting with an extra punch in the mouth. We found it difficult to relish it though it had the miracle Quinoa in it.  Certainly this one needs a lot of work  Mamagoto team!



We skipped the soups section and moved onto the main course.

We had Teriyaki Meal in a Bowl made with sticky rice and tofu.  Full marks for presentation and rice is layered below such that you get white rice, brown rice and tofu. The dish is a bit sweet and ginger garlic ruled it. The smooth texture of  tofu is a highlight in this dish. We had a small issue though. We got egg smell in the rice and we were not sure if it is part of the dish though the item description did not include it. Not a comfy feel for vegetarian lovers. Hope the restaurant takes a note of this aspect.


Noodles were good too and we were served as the one of the signature dishes of the restaurant.  Our guess is it is Chiang Mai Train station Noodles, one of the must try of the restaurant. It was soupy (guess it was made of coconut milk), a slightly sweet dish and quite different to the noodles we have had till now. Be ready for a big bowl enough to fill your stomach.



Onto the desserts, we had Mama’s homemade Chocolate cake and homemade Coconut and palm candy ice-cream. Both lived to the homemade track and made its creamy texture pronounced.  Though we would have liked to try out the other desserts, we faced stock out situation and had to settle with what was available.




We wanted to try out smoothies and opted for a berry one.  It was a liberal one served in a beautiful bottle but it turned to be too sour to consume.  Maybe a bit of balancing with sweetness or riper berries would work.


Note that though they do have a bar in other cities serving alcoholic drinks, Chennai branch does not provide it.

Service needs improvement and the team seemed to be lost most of the time and we had to wait and repeat orders.

Average cost for vegetarian food is approximately Rs. 600 per head. We will recommend trying out more dishes so do try out small plates.

Rest room is available and is tastefully done.  Tables are available to accommodate big groups to sit together but prior reservation is mandatory. 

Mamagoto  has a lot to offer to vegetarians and breaks the myth that Asian food is mostly Chinese by giving us a food journey through Thai, Burmese, Japanese and of course Chinese food too. Why not give them a try this holiday season?

Call Mamagoto at
044 30853890 for reservations


Oliver, 9, Khader nawaz khan road, Just off Nungambakkam High Road in the lane Opposite Hotel Taj Coramandel, Chennai

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  1. Hey there Katie 🙂 I’m from Delhi and live in Bangalore and I’ve been hearing about Mamagoto like forever but never tried the place. There’s another place here called Fatty Bao which is really nice. Loved your review, now I’ll def go there 😀 p.s. happy new year!

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