Sexual Violence: Amnesty International’s #KnowYourRights Educates Women


Search for Sexual violence in Google and the pages we land up with talks by itself. Sexual violence wrecks physical, emotional and mental health and deprives the victim of her rights to live her life. This can happen to anyone we know irrespective of age, caste and creed.  One of the important steps will be to report it. Many questions prop up the moment we get ready to report it. For many our law or rights are just lessons learnt in school with no relation to everyday life. Reporting of Sexual violence should be done for three major reasons –

People committing sexual violence believe that the taboo and sensitivity around this subject will prevent the victim from reporting it. This gives them the courage to go ahead and keep committing it without any fear of repercussions and punishment. This also encourages others to follow suit. This is compounded by the fact that many sexual violence acts are committed by people close to the victim. Fear and threatening statements by the perpetrator prevents the victims from reporting it. Sadly, children in the age group where they cannot differentiate between a loving touch and a nonsensical touch are soft targets for these animals in human form. Parents and relatives should face the situation and handle it with confidence. Let us think for a moment – Don’t we not report a loss of property to the police? Then, why should we hesitate to report this when the victim is not at fault? In the case of Nirbhaya, India stood by her. It was possible because the crime was reported. Remember Nirbhaya was not ridiculed or shamed by us, we stood by her.

Reporting sexual violence creates a social awareness to the enormity of the situation and helps the law and governing agencies to make stricter laws and enact better protection and address those issues encouraging such acts. Let us take the case of Nirbhaya. If it was not reported, we will not be seeing the perpetrators punished and also bring in nationwide attention bringing in lawmakers to debate and discuss about stringent actions to prevent such crimes and take a relook at Juvenile law. At this time of writing this post, one of the juvenile perpetrators is being released under law. There is a huge hue and cry about releasing him. It becomes all the more necessary to report sexual violence incidents so that we can push the lawmakers to amend the law to ensure such perpetrators do not escape punishment of the highest order due to them.

Reporting sexual violence should be done to improve victim’s physical, mental and emotional health and bring in the confidence that she has done nothing wrong and she is just a victim. Support and bringing the perpetrators to law will help her lead a better life.  Though there may be an issue of media glare, it also brings social support groups, psychiatric support and public acceptance to help her lead a guilt free life.  There are cases of such victims helping other victims get over the trauma by providing counseling sessions.  Let us do our duty and help victims get a life.


This is one important point to ensure reporting –670px-Report-Sexual-Abuse-to-the-Police-Step-3

Parents and Guardians should allow and encourage children to talk and share the day to day happenings. Spend some time with them and give the confidence that it is fine to discuss anything with you.


Sexual violence is a crime and immediate reporting helps in freezing evidence and getting the person punished under law. Know that Knowledge is power.

Check this video out and you will see what is women empowerment all about.


I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s #KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.

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