Book Review: Breaking Braydon By MK Harkins


Breaking Braydon  written by MK Harkins makes an absolutely interesting read that kept me hooked to the book throughout. Though the subject is a time tested one, his approach to the subject keeps us guessing and provides the required push to keep it reading till the end. This review is by our book reviewer, Saradha Sankar, an aspiring author.

Braydon Decker, the self-made playboy billionaire neither stays with a woman for more than 6 hours nor takes her home. His past has scarred him making him lose belief in beautiful girls. Then he meets Jain Parker.

Jain is a research scientist working in Bastion Medical Centre. Her only aim in life is to find out a cure for ALS. She has taken the form of a pale looking, unattractive girl which makes her unnoticed in front of men .She has learnt that she would be never be taken seriously with her stunning looks.

Both of them have a scarred past which has motivated them to take up the kind of life they are leading now.

Things turn tipsy-curvy when Braydon meets Jain. He is the only person who can save Bastion Medical from closing down. Both of them are forced to work together for a fundraiser and both fall for each other. They try their best to resist it due to different issues. But fate has other plans.

Will they sort out their differences before it is too late? Will they get together despite all odds? Will they ever accept that they are made for each other?  Read the book to know more.

What we enjoyed –

The Characters of Colin and Todd as Jain’s and Braydon’s friend respectively were etched with an aim to grip the readers with their comic timing.

Angela Barthomew as the rich, spoilt brat who would go any lengths to humiliate Braydon and the others who insulted her makes her as the perfect villain of this love story.

We loved the character of Tiffany and her expressions of Braydon and Jain brought a grin.

The next book of this series (this book is not about Braydon and Jain), Taking Tiffany is coming soon. Hope this book retains the same real essence that the first book had.

 A good read for contemporary romance lovers.

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