Technology Talk: #MadeForIndia 360 Security Lite Apps Review


Computer security has come of age and we have number of security apps to keep our system safe.  As the number of devices accessing the internet grew with the multifaceted evolution of technology platforms, security of our information in these gadgets have left much to be desired. In many of these devices, security aspects are still underestimated and non-existent. Our focus is on the mobiles and its security in this post.

India is a giant pool of talent and we, Indians are spearheading technology revolution across the world. Make In India is bringing up many startups to the fore promising many talents to turn into entrepreneurs and tap on the best of their creativity. This initiative has brought in innovative thinking and one area that has seen growth is IT. As we are seeing home grown products entering the market, this has also created another trend of considering India as one of the important consumer market by global brands leading to customization of products for India with #MadeForIndia pitch. Here we are reviewing one of them, 360 Security Lite Speed Boost by 360 Mobile Security Limited

Being from a technology background, we know what we would do to manage slower performance in systems but mobiles were a different league for me. My mobile is more than a year old and many apps came in, stayed and few went out too. I believed Uninstall did its work by completing total removal from my mobile. But my mobile has grown slow in response and also quick to go low on battery, letting me down when I need it most. Plus I decided to use mobile banking and also do online shopping, thanks to Flipkart, Myntra offering special discounts for app purchases. Whenever payment information is shared, I tend to get conscious on the security aspects and hence decided to try out this 360 Security Lite Speed Boost app. A technocrat at heart, I loved that it is #MadeForIndia product and wanted to test it out and do my bit to get it across to my friends, readers and visitors.

Antivirus scanning was real quick and thankfully gave me No threats. It has 3 segment protections for malware, payment and privacy. On completion, there are also suggestions for improvements in the form of SD card scan, junk files clean etc.



The cleaner scans for junk files, residual files, app cache and provides an estimate of cleanable in MB. The beauty of this product is its speed of execution. It is Lite in all sense. There are also provisions for App Manager and space manager to handle the respective cleaning process.



Boost is an interesting aspect which when clicked gives an idea on the performance of the mobile.. It ranges from Slow to Optimal. We can also details on apps consuming memory and the number of apps draining memory.  It is a very useful feature to help us when we are travelling and want to safeguard battery charge. Specifically would have been great if I had it during Chennai Floods when we went without power for 4 days. Boost process is also quick in performance. It gives an option to kill battery draining apps automatically by enabling that specific option and also repair battery life. An interesting knowledge base is the comparison of the mobile with respect to users of the brand. Interesting indeed! Games could also be boosted, quite useful for Candy Crush game players.  Videos from WhatsApp is another storage consumer and this app addresses this through a Small Video Cache Cleaner specifically designed for WhatsApp.



The app does not pop up unnecessary notifications and remains in the background without taking up heavy resources running in the background and seems to be seamless in the week we have been using it. I did face severe heating problems with few other apps of the genre but this app did not have any such issue.

360 Security Lite Speed Boost is free and is available for both iOS and Android. We tested out the Android version. This app is designed for under 1 GB RAM phones.

Having addressed the security, the next app to be installed is the cab booking app. My preference is with Uber and their interface is amazing with real-time updates. With introduction of the wallet option, it makes it easy to pay and with security app installed, it is peace of mind assured.

Twitter is the next app I installed in my mobile. The way Tweeps helped Chennai during the floods is a classic example of connectivity and social media put to good use.

Flipkart is my favorite shopping destination and its app makes buying a breeze with its host of features. Love its ping and searching by image feature.  I have been shopping with them for long and quite happy with their service.

I am reviewing the 360 Degree Security Lite App for the #MadeForIndia activity at BlogAdda.

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  1. True ! Indeed the app is useful, efficient and light! Used it and found it to be great. A very detailed and insightful review.

    Do share your views on my review here >>

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