Fashion Talk: Love Beadstone Jewellery, Check out MayasArc


Bead stones are nature’s best gifts and wearing such jewelry is carrying a piece of nature with you. Nature is mysterious and has all those hidden beauties in the form of precious and semi precious gemstones. From time immemorial, we have been sporting bead stone jewelry and it has been a part of our accessories list. With a distinct advantage of holding its characteristics of gleam and glamour and no signs of aging, bead stone jewelry has gone through changes in design and presentation as we evolved. One such designer online store is

Mayasarc is a designer online store retailing exclusive beaded and gemstone jewelry with an exclusive collection just for the working women. Mayasarc has got clients in 12 countries and has brought in local concentration by bringing in traditional yet affordable collections in their Signature workwear collections.

 The products are made from semi precious stones and gemstones and so has a price tag that looks costly. The cost is attributed to the fact that the products are made of jades, topaz, agate, ruby and the likes. We can find jewelry categorized as work wear, heritage wear, party wear, casual wear and ethnic wear.

We checked out two of the products for the personal feel and look. The products come in attractive packaging fit enough for a costly jewelry purchase.


The pieces have a fine finesse and the design adds to the beauty of the product to perfection. To be honest, the photos do not do justice to this piece of art.

The first one is the Multi-Agate Cubes Necklace. We loved the cute additions in between the huge cubes of Agate.  This piece is a stylish ensemble of large square cut Agates, accented with silver caps. This striking necklace can be worn easily with western and Indian wear. It can be a perfect accessory for Party wear or even office wear.



The other one is Uplifter – Golden Links & Violet Jades. It is so perfectly round and is accentuated with Jade,Crystal,Gold-plated metal. This necklace is a choker featuring faceted, rich violet Jades and gold finished beads. This elegant design makes this an accessory for any age & many occasions. Worn with saris or kurtas, silk or cotton, this necklace can go well as a Festive-wear with great ease.



Mayasarc is the brainchild of Uma and Priya and has about 4000+ products in their website. Check them out at

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  1. Good to know about them…with the increasing longing towards products made of natural stones, it could be a good hit with customers.

  2. very interesting ones…

    • Yes Archana. With the paste jewelry losing sheen and shine and precious ones becoming too costly, beaded jewelry seems to be a better option. The best part is no two pieces are alike – Specialty of gemstones.


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