Our Review of Vegetarian Food at Beyond Madras – Grandma’s Kitchen

Beyond Madras is a nice initiative by Park Hyatt to bring in Grand ma’s kitchen onto your table. It is quite evident that many authentic recipes of our grand mothers have been lost in time. As quite evident from our parents and grandparents, knowledge transfer has reduced as we moved from one generation and another. Who would not want to have a taste of food specialized by our grandmothers prepared the same way in a traditional ambiance at a 5 star hotel?  Here is our experience of ‘Grand Ma’s Kitchen’ by Beyond Madras restaurant in Park Hyatt.

As we approached the restaurant, a whiff of traditional south Indian home invited us with beautifully lit lamps, kolams, strings of jasmine and classically dressed service team. As we settled in on a dim lit restaurant specifically designed with items from traditional kitchen, we got introduced to the team who explained the purpose of this restaurant and presented us with a menu designed using kancheepuram silk zari as the frame. We also came to know it is a table buffet and the given menu runs for a week before getting replaced with another set of items from the Grand ma kitchen. Only 2 items, Nannari Juice and Vattarappam remain the same every week. All the menu items were served in classic traditional vessels. Our review is limited to vegetarian dishes in the menu, quite an array of dishes compared to our earlier tryst with Flying Elephant. 🙂

Thali Spread

Unfortunately we lost our mobile and also the pictures we took of our dinner to Chennai Rains. So adding the pictures we got from Park Hyatt on request.

The Menu


Nannari Sherbet – Excellent addition, Original taste bringing the taste of Kerala to your palate

Fruit Sherbet – Quite good and was awesome.

Panagam – was a bit sour to our liking, quite different to the one we have at home.

Sherbet Glasses_Beyond Madras


Peanut Bread – Too good, soft and gave us a taste of something tastefully different. We loved its size.

Ragi Kuzhipaniyaram – Soft, tender paniyarams we lost count of with onion.

Kaalaan fry (Mushroom fry) – Nice fry and made good as a welcome starter.

Accompaniment – Tomato Chutney – A classic item from Grandma’s kitchen, stood out with its state and consistency.

 Side dishes

Karamani Thakkali Vengaya Curry – Gave us authentic homemade curry feel and had well balanced spices

Kaaykari Servai – Tasted more like Avial and made a great accompaniment with Aapam

Tomato Peas Kuzhambu – One item that let us down, it was totally bland and uninviting

Keerai Vadhakkal – Amazing spinach based side dish that smelt our villages in Toto.

Coconut milk – Aromatic and on spot consistency, it made a lovely accompaniment for Idiyappam.

 Main course

We had Ragi Dosa, Aapam, parotta and Idiyappam tasted good with the side dishes.

Millet Dosa

Kariveppilai Rice was the best we have had anywhere till now. It was fragrant and was not the powdery kind of rice we get normally. It was made with fresh curry leaves, fried peanuts. Taste of it still lingers in our palate even now.

Beyond Madras at The Dining Room



Vattalappam – A regional delicacy, this was a sure winner in the Dessert section. It was so light and inviting with the coconut caramel crunch, it is difficult to stop with one.

Rose Bun Icecream

Panchamirtham – A typical amalgamation of fruits, it was quite good too.

Elaneer Payasam – It was mildly sweet and was good too. Faded in comparison to other two we had.

Coffee Ice cream – It was our south Indian coffee in ice cream form, tasted different and nice.

Chef Balaji and Filter Coffee Icecream

PanamKalkandu Milk – Lived to its name and taste and took us to the villages.

 Hot filter coffee – A measure to assess the authenticity of Tamilnadu regional cuisine, it was served in traditional stainless steel Davara and tumbler and lived upto the expectations of a Kaapi drinker.

Chef Balaji Natarajan has succeeded in bringing out the best that interest Tamils at their home ground with his love for food and simplicity in his products. Great Initiative Park Hyatt!

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  1. What is the cost for a meal? And can we go for a lunch?

  2. Nice one , expecting “ITC Grand Chola- Royal Vega” review from you.


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