Smartphonistan, Where Everyone Has a Smartphone


Smartphone is a pretty sleek gadget that outsmarts me every time. With all the world knowledge in its pocket, it advises on when should I get up, what should I eat, when is my next appointment, who is communicating with me and what, my social reach, and also takes care of my shopping needs. Wow! Not yet! I have missed out a lot more that makes my life complete, what is wrong in calling my gadget my companion of life? And I just cannot miss it even for a moment. It is always in my hand or around my neck and every odd place it can be when I am busy using both my hands. No way! I will never leave it alone. It needs no personal space and neither do I. My privacy is centered on me and my smartphone, in short, ‘Me’ is ‘me and my smartphone’.  Now a twist to this story, we have a villain who is so serious in breaking our ever lasting relationship, my daughter.


My daughter belongs to the Uber generation who thinks a smartphone is just one other thing like  television and refrigerator. Unlike me who is gaga over this technology, she uses it as a tool to get her things across. Though we both use smartphones, her approach and mine are totally different. I  am so particular to take care of my smartphone that it looks like one veiled product that shows up its face only when in need. The first thing she did is to pull off my veil and expose it to the world with a “hey we own a coveted phone and having it covered serves no purpose. Let the world  know we have it.” Now you must have got the idea!

listeningWe started on some serious learning session. To me it was. She opened was the list of candies and chocolates in one stirring voice, Lollipop, kitkat, ice-cream sandwich, and jellybean. The fitness geek in me shouted, Oh! Not so much sugar at one time, she is planning something, beware and you got to take care of yourself. As cautious as ever and with a stern face, I said nothing doing, we had too much of it this month. With a smirk in her face, she said, “Mummy these are all different versions of Android Operating system and please know that Android operates your phone”. Whew! Who was this Android?  Never got a chance to meet him, him or her, one never knows these days. I underwent quite a learning now and then, mostly on my own about 4G, Octa-core, Android M or from her, so now you have a Technocrat in the making.


Of late, my smartphone disappears for a long time and stays with my daughter who locks up in our dressing room. Curious as ever, a random check showed up Candy Cam app and a lot of pictures in the gallery. Selfies ma, that is why the front camera is for, she explained.  I just do not understand what she does with so many pictures; most of them are same ones with slight differences, flooding  up my storage. Why do you bother, the phone has 64GB storage is her response. I come from an upbringing where we keep things we need and give up unused ones while leaving empty spaces organized. Look at my smartphone, it is a clutter of so many apps, pictures and videos too. After a long discussion, now I know a lot about selfie and so you are spared  the strenuous exercise of explaining it all to me. Believe me, there are apps available free to charge to make you what you are not. No more studios to get that pretty pout or that extra shimmer or a classy background. Everything is available in a click in my smartphone.


Pretty lost with this concept and seeing selfies, groupies and so many ’ies’, I recollected those days when my grandparents refused a click because it reduces life span. The pictures that I can see of my parents or me are those in functions or celebrations or in a photo studio, a black and white photograph with a background, to be a witness of togetherness.

So, if my parents are there today, what would they say about the inventions of today? Get onto the bandwagon of course. Everyone has joined this love for smartphones in their own way. One of the octogenarian I met is so fond of his smartphone that he advises me how to get the maximum through 4G, most benefit in shopping and travel expeditions and where to find offers and discounts and trust me, he even knows what the offer codes are! A mobile encyclopedia, he never fails to impress me every time.SM1

gossipAnother benefit of smart phones is growing number of lesser family feuds. My neighbor known for her massive groups of gossiping togetherness is never to be seen or heard. Puzzled as ever knowing her capability to enter into any peaceful household to introduce some good times of brawls and bashings, I was curious to know if she had left the city for good. I saw her in a hospital with her heads down deep in her lap and I thought there she is with some serious issues and moved close to her. There she was busy playing Candy Crush with the smart phone laid in her lap. She never lifted her head to look at me as I was standing beside her.  Suddenly it struck me and I understood why she is not around. She also joined the Smartphone bandwagon and is now in her own world. If she is into the social network, probably she is busy with her business there, she just cannot keep quiet. 🙂

So as with anything, smartphones too have made it into our lives irrespective of age, caste and creed.  🙂

Picture Credits – Jeff Stahler, Kipper Williams

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  1. Lovely take on smart phones..loved the animated pics too.

  2. Smartphones are smart only when they enable my mom to send home cooked food to me via them

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