Vegan Food in Chennai – VeganeR Restaurant Review

Veganism is a form of vegetarianism with stricter rules of non-consumption of animal products in any form, milk, curd, cheese, in short dairy products too. Even vegetarians have reservations about this eating practice with an assumption that the food will not be tasty and devoid of the tasty creamy stuff vegetarian food are made of. There is also a common notion that this food is only for those looking for diet food. Our experience with a restaurant, VeganeR, serving vegan food proved to be quite different. Read more about our review of VeganeR restaurant in Anna Nagar, Chennai here.

We chose a weekend where the restaurant serves buffet in lunch and dinner. It would help us to review the various offerings to dispel the myths we have about veganism. The restaurant is located in first floor and has some popular restaurants around it but still we saw a good crowd giving us a hint on the growing popularity of veganism in the city.




Now to the food, the menu comprised of starters, main course, salads, desserts and live counters. We had reserved our seat and were received well and accommodated. As we were wondering about going to the buffet table, soup came to the table with welcome drink. Came to know, starters are served on the table. Nice idea.   Sweet corn soup, musk melon ginger drink was good followed by peanut masala sundal, salad, corn burrito and mushroom penne pasta arrabbiata. Surprisingly, every starter tasted yummy. Saw white gratings on the pasta and enquired to know that it is Tofu. Pasta sauce was out of the world and was not the readymade, so the freshness added that special zing to the dish.





After the starters, we moved to the buffet table and were stunned with the array of food comparable to any vegetarian buffet. The surprise was because of our assumption that vegan food is limited in presence. Seeing the food, we realized our food is also almost vegan except for the dairy food we use in daily life. Just elimination of milk, curd and ghee and we too are vegans. WOW!

The two dishes from the starter below are from the live counter – Corn Burrito and Mushroom PastaIMG_20151114_142346


In the main course, we had Veg Sheekh kebab, cauliflower peas curry, Kichdi, Vegetable saag, channa masala, Vermicelli rice, Veg au gratin, lemon sevai, Roti, stuffed  paratha, curd rice, Malaysian noodles, Veg Brinji, Apple Pineapple raitha, kungpao, steamed rice, sambhar and karaikudi rasam.

Kichdi was too good. Vegetable saag was green and looking unappetizing in presentation but it was good in taste. Vermicelli rice with corn, lemon sevai was good too. In the side dishes, channa masala scored and so did cauliflower peas curry. Lovely chutneys to accompany the main course. Do not miss it.




Veg Au gratin was a letdown and so was Roti. Veg Au Gratin tasted bland and Roti was leathery. Stuffed paratha, Malaysian noodles, Veg Brinji were ok. Kungpao was bland, not sure if it is how it tastes. Coming to the traditional food, sambhar was too good but rasam was too tangy and just did not meet the standards we set for it.

For those surprised with the curd rice and raitha, these dishes are made of peanut curd. The highlight of the whole show was the salad section. We had Russian salad, Peanut masala served as a starter, Kimchi salad, cucumber onion salad – all making a statement of their own. We simply loved each one of them. A sumptuous treat for Salad lovers.


Coming to desserts, we had suzhiyam, pineapple kesari, thinai sweet pongal and fruit salad. When we think of desserts, it is all ice cream, whipped cream and knowing vegan food has none of them, we were curious to see what we get out of  desserts and in particular fruit salad.

In fruit salad, we had cream made of coconut milk and peanut, strawberry crush, green apple essence mixed with javvarisi (not sure what we call it in English), sabja seeds all blended in crushed ice with cut fruits. It was real good and we relished each one unlike the normal fruit salad ice cream dominated by creams. The only flip side is the need to consume it quick as the crushed ice tends to melt making the dish watery. Eat it quick and it is worth it.



Ambience is good, service is good too. Thanks to the team VeganeR for making sure we were comfortable.

Few Suggestions

For newcomers, it is best to educate them on the process. Since the starters came to the table, we expected a table buffet. When we came to know only the starters would be served on the table, we kept waiting for the starters to complete and did not know the starters’ service was completed. Better communication by the team will certainly add to a good experience.

We prefer the starters served to each one separately. Not all prefer eating from the same plate. It is fine if the items are individual pieces but not while serving pasta, and peanut masala. It is inconvenient asking for separate servings on the table as it can sound crude to the accompanying people. Hope this point is taken a bit seriously by the management.

Thanks to Karthic and his team in VeganeR for making our experience memorable and wanting to make it again.

Restaurant Details

Buffet Only on weekends – Lunch and Dinner, Rs.399/-

Lunch Thali and Buffet Dinner on weekdays

Timings : 12.30 PM – 3.30 PM,  7.00PM – 11 PM

Restaurant is NOT open in the morning.

(A la carte items available for Lunch on weekdays, do ask for specials!!!!)


Anna Nagar East

AH 2&4, 4th Avenue, Shanthi Colony Main Road, Anna Nagar East, Chennai

Phone – 044 30205577

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  1. Just now I had my lunch, but after reading this post I feel hungry again. Excellent post with superb pictrues.

  2. I have been to this restaurant when it was operational in Nungambakkam. I guess they’ve shifted it to Annanagar now. I will check it out, especially the buffet, soon 🙂

    Destination Infinity

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