Stylori, a Decent Destination for Trendy Fashionable Precious Jewelry


E-commerce has moved leaps and bounds from exclusive shopping to even buying needles and stationery through online shopping. Now every industry is looking for avenues to get online and reach their target audience. Innovative social media strategies and marketing concepts are churned out every day to make one stand out from the other. With every industry getting onto the online shopping wagon can precious jewelry be left behind? Now women can rejoice. We can spend hours and even days to have a look at the various options we have, trust me I am thrilled. The smartness of the banks and credit card companies to extend women-centric loans and EMI options, the elusive jewelry we have been eyeing on for such a long time can be ours in no time.

If there is one place next to the clothing shops in Chennai, it is jewelry showrooms. It is almost a juggle to get close to the salesman and for all the efforts; he is so busy attending to others. Keep staring at him for some more time and our interest in buying the jewelry goes in drain and we either end up buying something on a half hearted note or walk out to make an attempt later. If you are the trendy kind, there is always a doubt if there is something new or if we have been shown everything in the showroom to our requirements. If at all, we finalize the product, next is the payment process – negotiations (oops! I hate this) and actual payment. And to add fuel to fire, there will always be someone who will tell you there are better varieties with another retailer or put a question on the quality of gold or even worse claim the price paid is more taking the real charm of buying precious jewelry.

Buy traditional jewelry with contemporary designs to pay less in wastage and making charge, a common advice whenever we go for gold shopping from elders and that is one point that will happily take out the entire interest in wearing it. Here, jewelry buying merely becomes an investment and to make things easier, we can go a step further and buy gold coins or biscuits instead of compromised jewelry that we never feel excited to wear. But all this objections and feelings (pch!) never worked with our parents and so it is all only buying jewelry in their terms. Today, this generation is not ready to do such compromises. Light weight designer jewelry in gold, diamond, gemstones and platinum has become popular and so do bridal ensembles. As the change in the approach, the way shopping is done has also changed. Sit in front of the laptop or use the mobile and check out fashion trends and pick up jewelry that suits – formal, casual, engagement, wedding, office, name it and we have it all in the swipe and fingers.


One such shop is Stylori, a jewelry boutique online selling gold, platinum, diamonds, and gemstones rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, pendants and more. One surprising thing about this shop is their collection of Silver earwear and Palmcuffs. Not something we see in regular shops, their collection is fashionable and trendy. We were amazed at the collection of nose pins in gold studded with diamonds. We also saw a good collection of diamond jewelry under Rs.10000. It is time to get our guys introduced to this shop. What do you say gals?

The most common problem I have with finger rings and bangles is the size. Stylori is innovative and has put in an interactive process to help us to get the size right. Not that we cannot exchange it if it does not fit but nothing is thrilling as getting it right the first time.


An Important Highlight – Stylori is straightforward and even gives us a price breakup so we know what we are paying for, an important aspect we failed to see in many other sites.

smileWe do have few suggestions –

Gold jewelry in the shop is only 14K or 18K except in gold coins where we have 22K and 24K. We do know diamonds are set only in 18K and we are fine with it. It would be great if they can introduce exclusive 22K gold jewelry.

Another product we would like to see in the shop is ear pin sets collection for that exquisite Diva look.


Stylori provides beautiful packaging, easy return, 1 day shipping (no arduous waiting after ordering) and hallmarked jewelry and you can even pay cash on delivery.


Do try out Stylori and let me know your experience with the purchase. This entry is a part of the Stylori – Jewellery from the Heart contest organised in partnership with the Chennai Bloggers Club

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  1. That was a quite an informative review on Stylori. It seems to have an amazing collections with cool designs suiting the flavour of women. Interesting read!

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