Theatre Talk: Connected Yet Disconnected


Bombay Chanakya’s Kalamandir celebrates its 25th anniversary with 2 Tamil plays, ‘Moondravathu Kai’ (Third Hand)and ‘Naangaam Ulagam’(4th World). Both the plays are 1 hour plays and intermission is honoring the playwrights for their contribution to Tamil Theatre. We thank Bombay Chanakya for inviting us to watch the play, knowing well our capability to review without any bias.

Now to the plays, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) is not an easy subject to approach and we appreciate his guts in taking up this topic in his ‘Moondravathu Kai’.

Relationships evolve and so do the affinities and afflictions. The play gives us a broad overview into the various types of relationships in today’s world from the viewpoint of a Psychiatrist Dramatist, Kathadi Ramamurthy. Drama by a psychiatrist inside a drama made us expect a clear presentation of the LGBT community and the foundation of live-in relationships but it only brought about the confusion in the mind of the writer to the fore. A psychiatrist with so much experience in the field is supposed to have a lot better understanding. No?

The message about Trust being the underlying reason for such relationships should have been loud and clear and should have portrayed the writer’s confidence in the matter. It was more a half statement.

On the other hand, we enjoyed the presentation of the various types of relationships and how it was all tied together. Intelligent scripting and a good mind game for those looking for that Spark in theatrical performances.

The introduction of artiste in the opening scene did not quite help as we just could not connect who is who given the crowd on the stage.

Is the subject about Joint family or other relationships? Well, if joint family is the solution, the portrayal of joint family of individuals with a nuclear mindset is no better and the turning point is too lucid to make an impact.

Profanity in theatrical performances is shocking as it connects to the audience instantly and it is uttered live. Everyone knows English and can utter cuss words, we do not do it because it is indecent. We see this language in common among this generation and we are strongly pitched against using such language. Well known playwright such as Bombay Chanakya should not endorse using such words in public. Complex topics as this with his prowess in providing engaging content can certainly do well without such language. Hope the writer takes a note of this point.

Black background, black dias throughout made us feel the absence of production values, lighting showed unpreparedness, artiste faces could not be seen. It gave us a feeling of listening to a nice play over the radio, dialogues being the hero albeit the profanity.

Coming to the next play, ‘Naangaam Ulagam’, it showed lack of practice, disconnected scenes without a clear line of communication. Facebook addiction and ignorance of users on the risks posed by it is the subject. Somehow the introduction of characters and their association in the play was unclear. Veteran actor Delhi Ganesh as JK or KK in the play is a gross waste of talent knowing well what he is capable of. The play is an absolute miss in all aspects right from execution, dialogue, and script. This Play nullified the Feel Good factor we had from the earlier play and made us feel that the earlier play could have been detailed into a full length play than this effort.




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  1. Seems like the concept was great but neither of them did a good job in keeping up to its expectation!

    • True Alok. One good thing about Tamil theatre is original script no adaptation. Lot of creativity, great concepts but missing in execution. Sadly, very little encouragement from media and public to them. Absolutely no money, shows are free and only few sabhas support them. Most end up spending their own money to stage it. We started reviewing to raise the quality of work and also exposure and popularity so this form of performing arts makes it big. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Absolutely. There can be no two opinions on your views about the Play. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to watch the play, so I cant comment on it but as you rightly pointed out, good dramas require the support of the audience. If there is no support from the audience, then how can such dramas continue to be staged? I am not saying audience are not supporting such dramas but the coverage, publicity are not much for such dramas. I hope this situation will change for the better.

    • Thanks Sri Arun Kumar. Our goal is also to see plays that we can boldly showcase to any audience with pride, let it be national or international. Criticism is part of any creative work and should be seen as an tool to improvise and not as an insult. We sincerely hope everyone concerned understands and appreaciates our effort in this regard. Happy to see you here.


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