Interior Décor for Kids – Planning and Buying Decor, Linen and Accessories

Interior décor is a big challenge when it comes to kids. It is a different take when compared to the aspects of different spaces in home such as living and kitchen. In one of the discussion sessions with a interior decorator while planning our space, my daughter who was listening to everything suddenly interrupted and said nothing you discussed for my room interests me. On a deeper thought, we understood that she has the right to plan her room the way she wants. Let me tell you, it is easily said than done. We have to think as a kid to understand her interest and see everything through her eyes.

We got the room painted as per her wish and with closed shelves and arranged for a cot and the buck stopped there. To explore further, we tried talking to her and the ideas that came out were out of the blue and searching for things that she wanted was not an easy task. We spent days travelling from one shop to another and then online in all leading e-commerce platforms, we just could not see how all these things look when they are placed together. Frustrated with this experience, we began our search for a shop specializing on interior décor again especially for kids. When it comes to kids, it is not only vibrant fresh ideas to their liking but also the decor and accessories must be of good quality with safety as a priority. We understand when the interior decorator tells us about the difficulties or aesthetics in not accepting our suggestion. But it is so difficult to get a suggestion across to kids. Try it and you will know.

We came across Peek-a-Boo patterns, an interior décor shop specializing for kids selling their own designer products. Based in Chennai, shops are located pan India. The shop sells bed linen, furniture, décor products, baby products and accessories. This online shop has a decent collection and to access the purchase process with them, we ordered a lunch box. Lunch box is an important area for every mother who has a school going child. We need the box to be food grade, sturdy, spacious with appealing design and color.  We had 4 options and decided to go with a box with Lady Bug design. Checkout process was smooth. We received the product in a day, neatly packaged.




 The box was of good quality and bigger in space than expected. We are happy with our purchase. Since it is the brand’s own designer products, collection is limited. Products are on the costlier side, we would attribute to the superior quality and finish of the product. If you are looking for exclusive designer products for your kids, try out Peek-a-Boo Patterns.

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