Design Your Own T-shirt, Creativity is the only Prerequisite

In the 80s and 90s, when we wanted to provide a loving gift to our dear ones, we would draw and paint a greeting card or do some embroidery on the dress to give it the personal touch. With the onset of digital era, customizing key chains, cups, and apparels with photos and graffiti provided a personal touch to the item from the set of options. Websites offering such services took gifting to a different level. We have seen photographs printed on products to make it into an object that goes beyond just buying it and created a connection, an emotional bonding. The next era is about bringing our thoughts and inspiration through the digital medium. Imagine what it would be if we could create our own design and get it printed on a T-shirt. It is a great idea to give shape to your creativity and adds that extra dimension we aspire on to the T-shirt. As an added advantage, if we could sell those t-shirts for a profit, wouldn’t it be a lovely idea? This is what Freecultr offers us. We decided to try their #ExpressYourself activity to see if we could create our T-shirt store and upload our designs there so we could sell them. Read on to get to know about our experience …


Sign up Process – Signup process was easy and we were asked to choose a name for the store and a tagline. We called our store Originalitee and our tag line ‘ Carry your attitude in a Tee’. Once we created our store, we are ready to upload our designs.


See the Create Your Tee Store highlighted in the above image. Use that to create your own Tee store.


The following points must be kept in mind while getting the design ready.

  • It has to be an image with a minimum of 2200 X 2200 pixels and 72 DPI.
  • The file size should not be more than 5 MB in size.

We took an image which was 800 X 800 pixels in size as the placement graphic. You can use any software such as Paint, Photoshop, Coreldraw. We need knowledge to use Photoshop and Coreldraw but paint is much easier to work with. If you are good at any of the software Photoshop or Coreldraw, this job is much easier.

Since we wanted to check this out without professional software use, we used Easy Screen Capture, a simple easy  to use free software. Paint will also do just fine. We opened a new blank file with 2200 X 2200 pixels and colored it purple. Copied the 800 X 800 image and pasted it into this document and adjusted it to be placed in the middle vertically and horizontally. (This is an important point to ensure the placement is correct). Added the text above the picture making sure this too is in alignment with the image and saved it as a JPG.


Now it was time to browse and  upload the image file.


Now to the T-shirt customization phase. The t-shirt shown is white in color and the idea is to cover the entire white area with your design. One important thing is to place any placement graphics or graffiti inside the rectangle. The image uploaded showed up as a small image over the T-shirt.


Now we expanded the image to cover the entire T-shirt by adjusting the slider taking care to place the image inside the white rectangle shown including the text and the image.


We provided a name to the design, description, added the tags suiting the design. Now we added the cost of the designed T-shirt.  The basic T-shirt costs Rs.400 and any amount above it is our profit when we sell it.


Next is previewing the variants across various T-shirts – Men’s crew neck, Men’s V-neck, Women’s Boat neck and Women’s crew neck. In case the placement is inappropriate, we can edit that T-shirt design alone and adjust the design to suit it.


Once done, the design we uploaded is waiting for approval from the FreeCultr Express Team. Once approved, the T-shirt will appear in our store as a product that can be purchased.


As we were typing this post, our design got published.


In case, the design has any problem, the design might get rejected. We did have number of designs rejected initially.

  • Reason number 1, we used copyrighted designs such as Angry Bird. It is better to use your own design than taking images from Google.

  • Reason number 2 was wrong placement of the placement graphics.

  • Reason 3 was having white color background in my design.

  • Reason 4 was leaving out white regions in the T-shirt.

  • If you make note of the above points, chances of rejection is less.

One of our design uses a photograph (2800 X 2800), 72 DPI, 3.6 MB in size as it is as a print on our T-shirt. Check the approved T-shirt design here –


It is the satisfaction of seeing our own works for sale and leaves with an urge to improvise and choose topics of design and learn more to make this a profit making venture. We can even order a T-shirt designed by us as a gift to special someone in our life or maybe friends, relatives, the options are immense. The more we think about it, more and more ideas emerge. Do try your hand at it to unleash your creativity and #ExpressYourself at FreeCultr.

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  1. I am really tempted to turn into a tee designer…

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