Weekend Break Getaways, Indulgence to the Core

Life is hectic, quite demanding that a whiff of fresh air is rare to come by. We are busy running after opportunities presented to us and we hardly realize days, months pass by us. All these efforts to succeed strain our physical and emotional being and also our relationships. The solution lies in a break now and then to keep the spirits up and freshen and energize our tired minds. Till few years back, such a break was a vacation to hill stations or a picnic or excursion with family and friends to nearby locations. It was a good option given the fact that it kept us away from work and gave us an opportunity to interact with family and friends. Travelling these days is no fun. We travel everyday and spend a lot of time on the road. So there is no point in spending our precious time travelling to some place. Just a bit of understanding – Where do we want to unwind? We want to move away from the place of residence and work, to a soothing atmosphere with relaxing activities, good food, and some fun. Why not to the city’s best hotels of my choice? My advantages would be local travel, away from the hubbub of daily life and if it has the things that I love why not? Here are the three best hotels in my opinion for a quick relax and refresh session.

 1. ITC Grand Chola

 ITC Grand Chola is a 5 star hotel property with a palatial look and feel. It boasts of Tamil architecture, culture and heritage in every bit of its offerings. It’s surrounded by lush greenery, a beautiful positive for me and has designated areas boasting different dynasties and has the interior décor tuned to it. Every bit of this hotel provides a different experience and so no hit of monotony. That’s my refreshing element too.



Talking about food, I am a vegetarian and the food served by them is awesome with an authentic touch. Royal Vega, an exclusive restaurant for vegetarian dishes themed on four seasons is one major draw. The hotel also has a café, Café Mercara Express for the coffee lover in me, just cannot resist the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee, a typical Tamilian. For others to try out experimental stuff, Italian food at the newly opened restaurant Ottimo Cucina Italiana, Oriental food in Pan Asian with the Far East decor, North West food in Peshawri with the rustic look, can add that extra special push to go for this beautiful extravagant indulgence.





  I am allergic to smoking and do not have any interest in secondary participation in this activity. Hence I appreciate their forethought in assigning exclusive areas for smokers and leave others undisturbed.

 Their bedding is another major draw, after all I am here to relax and this is one important point, signature hypo allergenic beddings and the option to ask for in-room massages, a form of rejuvenation therapy I prefer to get back to shape.





  1. Westin Velachery, Chennai

New kid in the block, this hotel has been in the reviews for positive things. Being in our home location, we were initially surprised to know that a 5 star hotel has come in that location. From the road, it looks quite unassuming and the grandeur is seen only when you enter the property. It is located at a walking distance from Phoenix mall and if your relaxation and getting away lies in watching movies and going for shopping, this property is your right choice.


Not at all times, do I have the liking to laze around and keep everything within the premises. So this hotel takes the second position in my list due to its easy access to a multiplex mall. Introducing amenities and services is one thing but making sure every customer knows about it and avails it is another thing. Westin takes that extra step to ensure customer is the king and his experience is foremost. The outdoor pool at Westin is a major plus. Relaxing by the pool is a great way to replenish lost energy but the way Westin does it is a pleasure to experience.


 Food nurtures senses and for a health conscious person, Westin has a well being movement in which I find the SuperfoodRx, food with balanced nutrition a welcome addition. Certainly not the uninteresting kind, this is one of my favorites. Westin Fresh, by the juicer is for the natural food lovers. Indulge and you will know the difference.



A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. What better way to check in here for a weekend, sleep well, have a workout in  their specialty fitness program, experience the Spa, have a spring bath or a rain shower, feed on the wellness food and relax by the pool with a stint of shopping to make it complete. Westin had weekend packages where we get a late checkout and delayed breakfast. One more thing, Westin is a No smoking zone. Hurrah! It all sounds perfect to me for a wonderful and welcome break.








Both these hotels are familiar ones and I know what to expect. A lady can check in for the weekend and find her space in both these hotels without any apprehensions. The third hotel here is my expectation based on feedbacks I got from friends.

  1. Vivanta by Taj Fisherman’s Cove

 A beautiful property in a world heritage site, mahabalipuram, Fishermans cove is best known as a weekend getaway. Easily accessible from Chennai, this hotel gives us a break in the pristine sands of the Beach overlooking the Bay of Bengal. A lazy weekend break in the pool amidst green surroundings and blue Covelong beach is a jolly way to enjoy away from the hustle bustle of city life. I have placed this in the 3rd position due to the travel involved in reaching the place. Weekends see lot of traffic in the East coast road and can be an ordeal if you are not looking for spending time on the road. And not many things outside the property so be ready to spend time inside the property.  I will look at this hotel if I take a weekend break with my family and it can then be fun.


Taj1  Ta3




Weekend getaways have become popular and many sites offer great deals and packages for us. It is a wise move to check out such sites and use them to our advantage. Sites like Cleartrip make our job easier and help us to locate hotels based on our interest and also the travel time. Make sure to look out for the flash sale.



Picture Credits : ClearTrip.com

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