Tasteation, Worthy Tasty Global Cuisine for Vegetarians


We are back on the restaurant journey and this time it is to a 2 month old restaurant Tasteation in Tharamani. It is strategically located In the Tharamani link road opposite TCS in Ramagiri extension. It is in the ground floor of Velacity, deluxe service apartments. This is a fresh breathe of air for pure vegetarians living in and around Tharamani as this place lacks a hep Global cuisine Vegetarian restaurant. So on a beautiful sunny day, we decided to check out this restaurant and its offerings. It is located on the lane that turns from the Taramani Velachery main road. Since the Restaurant is part of the service apartments, the entry to it is through the Service apartment entrance. The entrance is not a typical one and can be quite misleading but once inside, a nice restaurant unfolds in decor and presentation.




We took a table in the middle and had to change as we felt it was a bit hot there. Yes, it is an air conditioned restaurant. Seating next to the AC felt better. Menu was quite exhaustive and the restaurant has Mexican, Chinese, Indian food and Thai dishes too. South Indian food lovers excuse.  Though soups were available, we did not opt for one. We saw something interesting in the starters, Mini vada pav Mumbai style. It has 5 pieces and was served with garlic red chilli Masala accompaniment. It was too good and is a must try for anyone who loves Vada Pav.



We wanted to check out the Mexican fare and went for the Nachos Grande. We got quite a quantity for the price we paid for it. With the experience of paying prohibitive costs for Nachos elsewhere for being international, we expected a small quantity here. Nachos was a definite plus, tasty and crispier much better than other places we had. It was quite a tasty fare. So Mexican got a big Tick from all of us.


Our next item was from the Indian cuisine. One interesting thing about this restaurant is the combos they have so carefully identified and introduced into their menu. So for someone who wants to experiment with Indian food, we had Laccha paratha served with kadai vegetable as one item. It is a welcome move and we hardly see it in restaurants these days. Choosing the bread and the side dish separately requires that we go for it as a family as the quantity is more for a single person. We presume this option is in the menu because it is a restaurant serving service apartments. Anyway we loved this option and once again this food too was yummy. A big Yes to the kadai vegetable with its gravy. This dish alone by itself can be a dinner option for a single person.



Now to the Chinese food, we ordered Mongolian Stir fry with vegetables and we had options for the sauce – Schezwan / sweet chili and we can also choose if we want to go with rice or noodles. The food till now was not spicy and we wanted that zing and hence decided to go with Schezwan and noodles since we were planning to go for rice separately. We got a noodle dish rich in vegetables with abundant baby corn and purple cabbage. It was tasty but this too fell a bit on the sweeter side. Found it a bit tough to take in after few mouthfuls. Nothing Schezwan/ spicy sauce about it. A tad bit disappointed at this.


Since I am a lover of Thai food and seeing it in the menu, I could not help but go for the Basil Rice with Thai curry. To eat Thai food, you must first like coconut based cooking.  I simply loved the basil rice and that mildly flavoured coconut milk based Thai curry. Thai food is a bit bland and so no complaints here. Loved the aroma of the Basil rice.


Now it is dessert time and it was gooey chocolate fudge with vanilla ice-cream and masala chaas ( spiced buttermilk). Dessert was spot on and a must try for chocolate lovers. It was clinging to the plate for the last bit all the way. Buttermilk was good and was a welcome drink after a heavy shot at food.



Most beautiful thing about this food is its feel on the stomach. We never felt heavy or any discomfort that we get after having such food.  Service is quite good and Gurudas Patnaik who served us was quick on his heels to make sure we never waited for any item. He took pains to explain us few other things on the menu too.



Priced quite affordable, this restaurant takes the tip through the online mode. So card is swiped in front of us. Good! When they swipe your card, the tip option comes next and that saves us the problem of checking out our pocket for the tip.

Menu is vast with soups, starters, chaat, main course and desserts. The restaurant also has fresh juices, milk shakes and ice creams.  There is a Must Try section which we did not try :), may be next time as we are sure we will have a go at it again. Home delivery is available within 3 kms and minimum bill is Rs.300. Delivery possible for further locations if booked through Foodpanda app. Happy that we could write a positive review on this restaurant with a strong wish their service and quality of food is maintained and improved.

Location :  6-7, (Velacity Service Apartments), Opposite TCS Ramagiri Extension, Taramani Link Road, Taramani, Chennai

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