Motherhood, My First Experience with Selflessness

Motherhood is the most beautiful experience. I am the most suitable to make this statement because I never liked kids till I became pregnant. Call it hormones or the magic of a life within, my world changed with lot of anticipation, care and concern for the most precious entrant into my life. My preparation for my baby started much before she was born, rather when I was pregnant. My grandmother always said that newborns are like flower buds to be cared for so gently. Every tiny detail should be taken seriously and as a new mother it is quite natural to do it a bit more.


The first thing that I wanted to ensure is the dress that my newborn will wear. I wanted the softest fabric and skin friendly too. After few surveys with grandmothers and mothers, I decided it should be made using Mulmul cloth. For your understanding, Mulmul or mull is fine muslin cloth that is skin friendly, delicate breathable piece of fabric made of fine cotton. You will find Mulmul normally in white color.


I would recommend lighter colors as it makes it easy to spot things such as ants easily. I am not sure if it is available in any other color. It was not an easy task to get this cloth. After lot of searching around and buying a piece of cloth to verify with my advisers (grandmothers of friends), I acquired Mulmul cloth. Just to make sure it fits, I got 3 probable sizes made by the tailor and yes, capable of knotting in the shoulders.



Dresses with shoulder knots make it easy to put on and remove and also the knots would not disturb the kid in anyway. Buying dresses that is put on through the head can hurt the child, more so if it has a smaller opening, buttons and decorations.  Knotting at the back is another style for kids but since the kid will be lying down most of the time if it is a newborn, or taking different positions if the kid is in the first year, the knots can hurt the back and if you observe closely, you can see red marks and compression on the skin. So be careful about the cloth and knotting style when you buy dress for your kids.



Kids within six months of age are hardly taken out and if at all are fully covered with just a small opening for the face. Sunlight is essential to keep the kid healthy but remember not the scorching one. Expose kid’s body to indirect sunlight for 10 minutes for about 2 to 3 days in a week at about 6.30 AM in the morning in the balcony or through the window (not in direct sunlight) if it is summer. Make sure to cover kid’s eyes with your hand to prevent seeing the sunlight directly. My kid had newborn jaundice and this was the treatment advised by the pediatrician and also asked me to continue with it to ensure healthy liver.



When it came to the decision for nappies, I wanted to go for the stitched ones using Mulmul cloth again. My friends who knew me and my sensitivity to my kid’s wants advised me to try out pampers. Yes, you guessed it right. I put it through a test. I made it wet and wore it in my hand to check out how convenient it was. Pampers was good, it kept my skin dry and did not cause any irritation. Initially, I kept checking the baby every 10 minutes to confirm there was no discomfort to her. She was comfortable and it became a part of our regular buy for the kid.


Remember baby skin needs lot of care and using normal talcum powders can scratch the skin when the powder is bit coarse. It is best to use a powder that resembles fine flour and use it in moderation.  Do not apply powder in sensitive areas, ears, eyes, nose and mouth.  Use a soft cloth to apply the powder and avoid harsh medium (some powder puffs with constant use become hard and can cause scratches too)



Be wary of mosquitoes and the best form of protection is using a mosquito net. Mosquito bites causes red spots on the kid’s skin and with plethora of mosquito based diseases on the rise, it is best to keep the kid inside a mosquito net as and when possible. For those who think mosquitoes bite only in the evenings and nights, Aedis mosquito that causes Dengue bites in the day. It is best to avoid mosquito repellent creams as kids have the tendency to put their hands in the mouth and this can enter the kid’s body. Another issue is the presence of chemicals that can react and develop allergic reactions on the child. Whenever you introduce a cream or oil to the child, do make a patch test by applying in the hand to see if there is any reaction. This can be a solution for preventing frequent doctor visits.

Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

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