Set it, Record it, and Watch it at your Own Pace


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Out on a shopping spree or a function, my sisters refuse to come out in the evening after 6 PM. No hard rules or conditions  or kids waiting at home, it is the serials that they watch that beckons them. The discussion on the happenings in the serial is so intense, I start feeling that it is happening in our family. We are not here to debate if it is good or not but for the ones at home who have sons and daughters-in-law at work, grandchildren at school, this forms the basis of their entertainment and keeps them away from being lonely and without boredom.


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Television reaches our living rooms and for those waiting to unwind, it is a welcome relaxation and we have the capability to watch it together, comment, laugh and enjoy those family moments. Though we talk about mobile entertainment, it is personal, exclusive and does not have that feeling of waiting for a programme and watching together. It does make me believe our living rooms are fast becoming a place we visit for greeting visitors.


The programme we watch includes Star Network specifically for its reality shows – MasterChef and serials – Mahabharatham, on Vijay TV. My husband loves the sports channels and is the one who gets the least attention as he only demands it when there is an interesting match but our shows are regular and we would not give in so easily. We do watch News channel now and then for not so serious updates and yes, our kids have their own preference with Grey’s Anatomy, Person of Interest and many more in Star World.



Home shopping channels for the deal mongers in us is a must watch and we are hooked onto it for many years now and shopping here gives a feeling of satisfaction of watching the product in action (yes, I know they are just advertisements packaged in a different way) but we do have our own understanding which cannot be explained. Deal of the day or Special offer of the day is demonstrated on the specific hour and nice products at a good discount gets sold out faster. I do have the experience of purchasing such products and they are good for the price.

Now you know our preferences and unfortunately for us most of the programs we love are scheduled at the same time, be it our show, kids’ serials and my husband’s Cricket match specifically those T20 matches and it is struggling for the remote and the one who gets at it has to contend to retain it in the advertisement breaks. Tata Sky Transfer+ has gone a step ahead to utilize our affinity to mobiles and allows us to watch the television programs in our mobile after recording it.

Tata Sky has launched New Tata Sky+ Transfer which gives us an option to record the show and transfer it to your mobile and watch it at your leisure. So no need to wait for the television to become free to watch your programs, just mobile will do. So now live entertainment will get the preference and I can see my husband gleaming in happiness.  Now he can watch his cricket matches uninterrupted but certainly not at the time my best deal of the day show is ON in my home shopping channels.  Now it is your turn. Go ahead try it out.

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