Health And Fitness – Heart Warming Ways to #ProtectHerHeart

A timely initiative by BlogAdda brought us in terms with health that needed attention but still somehow was not given the priority it requires. Life is so fast paced that we lose track of time and also we have made our day complex that we do not find time to attend to our health and wellness. When you are aged above 40, doctors advise yearly checkup as most of the diseases show up their ugly head during this time. Last year checkup doctor advised walking and low salt diet to make sure BP is under control.



It was much easier to implement the low salt diet though there were demands for extra salt initially but soon it has become part of our diet. Walking did not find the daylight at all as we kept discussing about the ideal time and the area to walk as our place was abuzz with heavy traffic always. Discussion kept on till it was finally shelved and forgotten.

As I came across the #ProtectHerHeart initiative of Saffolalife, it reminded me of regular walking7 advised by my doctor and curiousness got the better of me. I visited the site and gave in my details and got to see the Walk Plan and Diet Plan. I took it up and showed to my family and our discussion on walking started again. But this time, it was much easier given the walking plan and my daughter immediately jumped on the idea of accompanying me in the morning for the short 15 minutes walk suggested in the itinerary on the first day.


In addition to give me company during my walks, my daughter has assured me of a Indian breed dog (I love dogs specifically Indian breeds) which will serve as a companion  and also as a guard to our home.


Next offer came from my husband who offered to get my terrace garden setup so I could spend quality time tending to my garden. I love gardening but we just could not get onto it because we have monkeys frequenting our place in groups very often and they do not let any of our plants thrive. My husband spoke to his friend in the gardening industry and he suggested setting up green net in the terrace to protect the plants and also asked us to setup a flower garden of Rose and Jasmine which is normally left untouched by the monkeys. Now, we are into installing the necessary cover and will soon have my own terrace garden of organic vegetables grown initially for our own consumption and may be more to cater to our neighborhood.

Weight management, healthy heart, name it however you want, it is now a pleasure for me to keep fit and I am sure I am all set to draw few more women from my area to accompany me in my walks very soon as each one is waiting for that reason to start off on their fitness regimen to #ProtectHerHeart

I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.

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