Our Living Space : Unleashing Colors of Home Decor with #PaintFinder

Painting my home is always a clash and communion of ideas and at a time when we were planning a makeover with the festive season approaching, we were asked to try out the Bed Bath and More themes and choose paints to suit our collection using the smart tools in their site. It was indeed a Bolt in the Blue and we thought it appropriate to try out the #PaintFinder to check out the paint colors we like and what more, applying on the walls and having a look at its presentation. This proved a valuable tool since a visit to the paint store provided us color cards of Asian Paints, Berger and Nerolac and it was no ordinary task making out how it would be. Also a color that we look at in the card may not look good when applied to the walls since the area is large. For instance, we decided to go for Blues this time and the blue range by itself was daunting that after sometime we just could not visualize anything at all. Our experience with the Bed Bath and More website and the tool here..


Painting of our home had 2 groups of minds at work, elders and young adults. We preferred the Dusted Pink while the younger generation preferred Grecian Blue.



 The reason the kids gave for their preference is introduction of vibrancy into our life and breaking out of the monotony of pale colors. Their preference was more inclined towards living with nature and Blue is a color that befits any mood and has vibrancy attached to it.  We selected various blues to suit the different moods of the rooms. We selected bright blues for the lounge with abundant sunlight and a bit paler blue to suit our living room. Darker blues were chosen for the bedrooms and bright blues for bath and kitchen.  Check out our selections in the pictures given below. The collection of the blues in the #PaintFinder is awesome and has the colors that can fit exactly to your taste. Try it to experience it.








We opted for the Dusty pink to get the antiquated elegant looks though not perfectly new, we thought it was one tried and tested and can be taken up with confidence. You can call it wisdom or the fear of trying out something unknown and not turning up as expected. But the beauty of this exercise revealed to us so many pinks and we were spoilt for options that we selected exotic pinks going away from the good old pink. Check out our options.







dining kitchen


This exercise was playful, fun and at the same time helped us make important decisions for our home make over. Happy we got this at the right time and the best part is you get to see the paint brand, color shade number and name and it is easy to communicate and get the paint delivered to get the same effect we looked for our home.

I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More

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