Trying out Subscription Box – FAB BAG 3 Months Subscription Review

Subscription Ecommerce is picking up big time in India and as in the case world over, it has started to penetrate into the beauty and fashion industry which is still in its nascent stages trying its best to cater to the varied interests of Indian fashionistas and beauty conscious women. Yes, men also have their share but it is yet to take off in a big way as we are writing this post. This post is our review of the popular FAB BAG beauty subscription for 3 months. We waited for 3 months to see the different products and offers bundled into the subscription to write about it.

The surprise element in the subscription box puts a question in people minds wondering if the products they get will be worth it. By simple logic, the answer is Yes else these companies would not be in business. Subscription boxes are a great way to test out products in the market national and international without putting big money on it. Going by the brands that exist today, it is pretty difficult for any woman to test out all or even know what is in the market. This gives us a great excuse to try them out. We should appreciate FAB BAG for keeping the cost affordable at Rs. 599 a month and the 3 months, 6 months, 12 months subscription come out with good discounts. The FAB BAG site sells make up, skin care, hair care, bath & body and fragrance products.

FAB BAG asked us a questionnaire and the questions studied our skin, attitude and what we are essentially to send us products that suits us the most.  Another interesting thing is FAB BAG assures us that we will never get the same product again. Interesting indeed.

Regarding delivery time, it varied and the first two months, we got it almost by the end of the month and the latest we got in the first week. We can account it as an improvement to their delivery process. 🙂

Each subscription box comes with a book, FAB Post  detailing the products and how to use them, discounts, products on sale and moreWe loved the books and thought it was a smart way to communicate.

All the items are packaged in a bag, works well as a clutch bag for an outing.

FAB BAG Month 1


Sugar Eyeliner  –  Nice product, gives perfect thin lines. Stands for 4 hours.

Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick  – Beautiful Red for those cute pouts.

Ayorma Face Wash and Scrub –  Face wash gives that zing of lemon and gives a refreshing face wash. Felt a little overpowering fragrance and a slight burning sensation. Worked well when used in drops.  Scrub was too good and one product we would go for again.

Vana Vidhi Summer Shimmer Sunscreen – Apply it for a mild shimmer for that nude look with a gleam.

FAB BAG Month 2


Fran Wilson Mood Changer Lipstick  –  We were baffled with the orange color it showed up on first look. It is one of my valuable add-on with its natural looking awesome pink that defied me quite long.

Morocvita Oil  – Moroccan Argan Oil for your hair

Eyelash Curler – A cute tool and a must have for eye make-up. Works fine.

Chili Town Blushes Body Mist – A pleasant body mist. Planning to go for the full version in this,

Cuccio Nail Colour  – This month we were given the option to pick out an item for this bag. We opted for this nail colour. Sadly we got it leaking a bit as seen in the pic. The nail color is an attractive orange (the color in the picture does not justify the color) and spreads smooth and produces a thin layer and lasts over a week.


FAB BAG Month 3  – 3rd Anniversary Offer


Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water  – Rose water with a spraying option. Natural at its best.

Just Herbal Beauty Elixir  – Milk consistency, use it in the night. Just few drops using the dropper will do. Yet to see its results.

theBalm Stainiac Cheek and Lip Stain – Nice pink, watery consistency, works well as a cheek stain than as a lip one,

Makeup Revolution London Focus and Fix Liquid Concealer – Must have in any beauty collection, quite good.

Skinn by Titan Celeste Sample for Women, Skinn by Titan Raw Sample for Men  –  A try out fragrance – absolutely personal preference.

Conclusion :

Overall our experience with FAB BAG has been good and we are planning to extend our subscription for another 3 months. Expecting that this Holiday Season brings in attractive subscription box for us and good offers on brands.

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  1. I dont use any of them 🙂

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