Package Advice as Suggestion to Evince Interest

Unsolicited advice we despise most of the times turns out to be the most sought after when we look for support and direction in making few crucial decisions. It is not that we are ready to accept advice from anyone and everyone, we expect it only from the select few we regard as the ones capable of giving advice. It is not a one-person-tailored-for-all for advice and differs based on the subject of concern. We respect a person who advises when sought and keeps his distance in not following up on the decision and the impact to take mileage out of it. This post is in honor of one such person.


Pursuing career based education is a big time decision and it was a time when career counseling and there were least number of career options available such as medicine, law and engineering to make it big in life. After losing out on the opportunity to secure the coveted medical seat, I did not find academics interesting and decided to take to work. No amount of advice and cajoling could convince me to opt for some other studies.

I joined a leading engineering firm as a trainee and was under the supervision of Mr. Ramesh, an IIT Madras Engineer with vast experience. Seeing my interest in the subject and capability to quickly grasp the process, he asked me to study a course on computer languages. It was the time when personal computers were making entry into India and a transition was taking place to replace mainframes. Nothing much was known about it and it failed to interest me.

Though I was reluctant to listen, he was persistent and took me to IT department and put me there for a week to understand the various functions and my suitability to the process. He taught me essence of life, the need to adapt and take right decisions when things do not go the right way. He did what career counselors do today by talking in depth to me and highlighting my skills and mapping it to a career in IT. He helped me to identify the institution, the course and is the man behind my successful 20+ years of IT experience foraying into various segments, my capability to adapt to dynamic changes the industry went through, all without any qualms.

Mr. Ramesh’s advice carved my niche and helped me get onto a career which everyone wished to be in within few years, that too at the time when it was least known. Mr Ramesh advice to me was the #SacchiAdvice that I wish everyone gets at the right time to make the world a pleasant place to live in. I just cannot imagine what I would have been if I had not met him or listened to him.

I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.

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