Talking Parrot – Stand-Up Comedy is Seriously Fun

Stand-up comedy, we hear more these days made me contemplate on the nuances and the personality of the comedian and this understanding prompted me to write a post on it. Public speaking is an art and being a comedian is another form that has some many finer elements to it. Standup-Comedy is combining both to bring the best out of them. I saw couple of performances and the thing that impressed me the most is the timing. I came back home and tried to deliver the same to my family but then I realized how difficult it was. I was baffled when my daughter asked me what I was trying to convey with such a serious face, let me tell you, I was aghast. I remember enjoying every bit but I could only recollect only one or two.

Gathering the thoughts, bringing it up and delivering it in time, is no small ordeal. To top it all, talk in front of theUB audience who have come to listen to you for your presentation and capability to make them laugh. We have always seen very less number of comedians hitting the peak though many attempted to become one. The fact is the successful ones have made an impact and remain evergreen in our hearts. In comedy, content is the king but delivering the content is emperor, no second thoughts.

Imagine going on it for the first time, a Stand-up comedian has to fight his/her nerves, emotions to keep it cool and casual. After all, they are here to unnerve and de-stress and this mere fact is enough to explode tension in them. Further, there can be situations where the comedian faces audience who are unresponsive to the content delivered. It just takes few seconds to be totally unnerved, falling out of line and failing in purpose. Nobody is born a comedian, so when we watch a performance, what we see is the verve of the performer who has gotten up after failures ready to put in serious efforts, creativity, practice, and repeated performances to give us those few minutes of laughter.

With a clear understanding of what it takes to be a Stand-up comedian and the need to take their efforts forward, LiveInStyle has introduced a feature on Stand-up Comedy. It is a nice effort with the purpose to encourage performers and provide a platform to showcase them to the world. If you are a lover of Stand-Up Comedy, check out their videos for hilarious time. You can see Kanan Gill, Gurusimran Khamba, Aditi Mittal and others featured here. If you are a startup Standup-Comedy performer or an experienced one, you must be here. Go ahead, merge with your community and create a space for yourself.  And yeah, if you are the partying kind waiting for those weekends to hit the pubs or a night life aficionado, LiveInStyle also has a Pub Finder for you. Check it out!

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